A Russian woman in Turkey reported about a terrible random house that everyone who moved there comes across

A Russian woman in Turkey reported a terrible random house that everyone who moved there

During her seven months of living in Turkey, a Russian tourist met a strange phenomenon – a terrible random house that comes across to everyone who has moved. She shared details with personal examples on her blog on Yandex.Zen.

According to a compatriot who moved to Bursa, we are talking about a kind of Turkish roulette in which you are lucky or unlucky: it constantly spins and sometimes throws out those who are unlucky and bestows blessings on those who like it. Random manifests itself as follows: “If in a nutshell, then this is such a beast that everyone who has moved to meet! And he expresses it this way: the same thing happens in completely different ways in the same place with the same person. Whether it's a bank, a migration service, a department of a mobile operator, whatever!”

As a clear illustration, she gave four examples where she encountered a manifestation of randomness:

  1. In -Firstly, when registering in Turkey. “Three people from my house managed to register with the same inspector of the migration service, but I still don’t. And everyone was asked different questions. And we all visited the same inspector,” the author said.
  2. Secondly, in banks. “I managed to get a bank card from the same bank employee, but other guys didn’t. In one branch they say that, for example, we don’t accept money from Russia, but in the neighboring district in the same bank they already say that there are no problems, ”she added.
  3. Thirdly, the operators cellular communication. “In one place one price, in another another. Although the network is one. Information on other issues may also differ, ”the Russian woman said.
  4. Fourth, in the migration service. “With similar data, some can be given a residence permit for a year, others for 6 months. There was a story where 2 couples registered in the same apartment, they were all at the same age and with almost the same income, but as a result, everyone had a different residence permit period, ”finished a compatriot.

Watching taking place in Turkey, the Russian woman drew attention to the fact that random events in the country happen all the time. And emigrants, who are used to planning the outcome of a case and meeting deadlines, are randomly knocked out of the rut, and the Russian woman is completely “wildly infuriates”. “But here are the rules of the game and it remains only to accept them … variants of yok (from Turkish – “no”),” she added.

Add that many long-term tourists really complain about the circles of hell, which sometimes they have to pass for the sake of processing the necessary documents, a bank card or receiving cash at post offices. Much depends on personal perception of people and the mood of local employees, they say.

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