A Russian woman living in Egypt told why and what kind of Slav women the Egyptians love

A Russian woman living in Egypt told why and what kind of Slav women Egyptians love

Egyptians love “diverse” foreign women, and first of all, Slav women – however, some criteria can still be clarified. A Russian woman who lives in Egypt and is married to an Egyptian was figuring them out. These criteria, as well as stereotypes that do not correspond to reality, she presented in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Fair skin, which in Egypt is “very much appreciated.” “Even today, despite the fact that the number of foreign women living in the cities of Egypt has increased, the demand for white women is not falling. From the memoirs of my husband’s description of the image of an ideal woman, which he made at the age of 7: “It should be a light-skinned madam, eye color is green or light brown, with black long hair,” says the blogger, adding that her husband’s father would engineer and worked with the Russians under a contract, talked a lot about them, including a woman. “That’s what gave rise to an incomprehensible craving for foreigners,” she concludes.
  2. But the preference “she must be blonde” fades into the background. “This is understandable, because women are so not constant in this: today she is blonde, and tomorrow with a short haircut. But the fact that the Egyptians love long hair is for sure. The desire for long hair is connected with a subconscious comparison with thoroughbred Arabian fillies with a long and silky mane, ”the blogger said.
  3. “Egyptian men note that it is enough for Slavic women to smile to look beautiful, and they appreciate that we absolutely do not need cosmetics to emphasize natural naturalness,” the blogger adds.
  4. But the stereotype that the Egyptians love ladies “in the body” does not really correspond to reality. “You can’t say that “fat women” will be licked like ice cream, nothing like that, so you shouldn’t pack your low self-esteem in your homeland in a suitcase and go to Egypt for this very reason. I have never heard of local men choosing women by her weight class. Like most, they like slender women, ideally with large breasts, a flat stomach and wide hips, ”the blogger broadcasts. And the rumors are caused, in her opinion, by the fact that “no one is left without attention in the country of the pyramids.”
  5. “It is the Slavs,” according to the blogger, that the Egyptians are satisfied with because “feminism in the former CIS countries has not completely taken root.” “We would always like to be with a husband, exactly, so that someone solves problems, takes care, protects, pays bills in a cafe, and not stand “on an armored car”, dividing bills and responsibilities in half. For this, the Slavs are ready to be forgiving, understanding, kind and caring women, playing in contrast with the Egyptians and winning with a big lead,” the blogger assured.
  6. “For an Egyptian, age does not really matter if the lady of the heart answers its internal requirements, so women in Egypt are never left behind by men,” she added.

“Larisa Ivanovna is still desirable in Egypt, even despite the shattered reputation of Slavic ladies back in the 90s, when Egypt became the all-Egyptian health resort of the Red Sea for tourists from different countries. Yes, in those days, many Egyptians “suffered” from the depravity and depravity of spa ladies, but still this is a separate layer of women, who can be seen from afar and their goals are far from being serious. Therefore, a self-respecting Egyptian will not offer such a category of ladies anything serious, and they do not ask for it, ”the blogger also added. Well, “those who throw themselves into the whirlpool” were not slow to clarify that “an Egyptian who makes the above requirements for his chosen one will not always be able to meet them himself” and “at the first occurrence of life difficulties, a man who has not realized himself financially will easily prefer a more wealthy beautiful young dowry an aging lady, and nothing will stop him: neither debt nor children.

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