A Russian woman who left for America named 5 typical mistakes of Russian emigrants

A Russian woman who left for America named 5 typical mistakes of Russian emigrants

Five typical mistakes of Russian emigrants in America were named by a Russian woman who left for the country in her blog in Yandex.Zen. “I expected positive changes from emigration to the USA. Perhaps this would have happened if not for some of my mistakes. I hope my story will help you avoid the same wrong actions in the future,” she explained the reason for writing this list.


  1. City: The blogger, based on his own experience, advises future emigrants not to rush into choosing a city. “I immediately tried to cling to this city (New York), rented a house for a year and hurried to find a job. If I had not done this, then perhaps a week or a month later I went to the south of the country in search of my happiness. And here I could not get away from the obligations that I had assumed, ”she explained. She advises her “colleagues” to first look at the city itself, its climate and conditions. “And if you don’t like something, you can move to another city,” she adds.
  2. Housing: “My advice is to carefully consider all possible options and do not rush to rent expensive apartments,” the former Russian woman also writes from her own experience. According to her, the realization of the dream of “living in a big house stuffed with household appliances” was a blow to the wallet – despite the fact that in the end she rented a one-room apartment. “For less money, you could rent a two-room apartment away from the center,” she adds.
  3. Work: “Having moved to the USA, I began to look for work with a Russian-speaking team. Of course, I took this job, thinking that it would be more comfortable for me. Yes, it was really comfortable to work. But I didn’t have time to study the language at all,” says the emigrant. As a result, after a long enough stay in America, her level of knowledge of the English language remained so-so. “Thus, I deprived myself of many opportunities. I could not communicate with many interesting people, did not recognize the culture of the country in which I lived, traveled little. The language barrier bothered me,” she says and advises “get out of your comfort zone and immediately get a job where you will be surrounded by English-speaking people.”
  4. Car: here the blogger advises not to have illusions about Americans, “as very honest people.” Without a car in the US, nowhere, and when buying used cars, all sorts of incidents are possible. “I chose the option not the cheapest. For me, the main thing was that the checkengine error did not light up. Otherwise, there could be difficulties with the passage of maintenance and registration of the car. When the owner said that the car was in perfect working order, and the error did not light up there, I, of course, believed it. But a day later, an inscription about this error treacherously lit up on the instrument panel. I had to pay a huge amount of money to fix the problem, ”the blogger writes.
  5. Credits – a tourist advises them to “get stuck”, noting as a mistake that it seemed to her that a credit card is an evil that makes us get into debt. “As it turned out, in the US it is very important to have a good credit history. And the map is the starting point from which this story begins. Credit rating is almost always taken into account – whether you are buying a car or going to rent an apartment.

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