A Russian woman who lived in Turkey named 5 things from a Turkish supermarket that she lacks in Russia

A Russian woman who lived in Turkey named 5 things from a Turkish supermarket that she lacks in Russia

“For two months in Turkey, I got so used to some products and goods that now I don’t have enough of them. And to such an extent that sometimes I dream of their taste and smell, ”the Russian traveler reported about her“ addiction ”in her channel“ Alone in a Strange City ”in“ Zen ”.

Let's give a list of the goods the traveler liked daily demand in Turkey:

  1. Cologne (Kolonia). Turkish colony – a mixture of ethyl alcohol, water and flavor, most often lemon – has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma and is used not only as a cosmetic, but also as a disinfectant and antibacterial agent. “For two months in Turkey, a small bottle of colonia has become an essential accessory in my purse,” the author clarified. The price for a bottle that does not dry the skin is about 80 rubles.
  2. Turkish yogurt. Local Turkish yogurt has a special taste reminiscent of sour cream and is used to prepare various dishes and desserts. It is sold in Turkey immediately in buckets of 3-5 liters. “I tried to replace it with sour cream, cottage cheese or yoghurts of our production – but, alas, the taste and health effect are not the same,” the tourist complained.
  3. Canned paprika. Turkish-made canned paprika, but with Balkan roots, is meaty and pleasant, making it a popular addition to various dishes. “If in Croatia I only tried baked paprika as a delicacy, then in Turkey a rare lunch or dinner could do without it,” the Russian woman added. The price is about 80 rubles for a 700-gram jar.
  4. Börek cigar. The dish is thin rolls of puff pastry with a variety of fillings: cottage cheese, cheese, potatoes, cheese, spinach. They have become a popular snack among tourists. At the same time, the traveler persistently dissuaded visiting Russians from trying local pizza – “Turkish sausage and seasonings make it anything but pizza.”
  5. Eclairs. The Turkish version of the dessert, like the French one, is known for its unique taste thanks to the air dough, custard and chocolate icing. Such yummy can be found in shops and pastry shops. The price is about 70 rubles for a pack of 6 pieces. “Branded eclairs are available in all popular chains – Choke, Bima, Migros. The most delicious, in my opinion, are in the latter, and I have not yet found anything comparable in quality and price in Russia, ”concluded the traveler, nostalgic for holidays in Turkey.

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