A scandal erupted in Thailand: tourists were electrocuted in a hotel jacuzzi

A scandal erupted in Thailand: tourists were electrocuted in a hotel jacuzzi

Tourists have raised a scandal and are demanding financial compensation after they were almost electrocuted in a luxury hotel in Thailand. The compensation promised by the hotel itself was called insufficient by tourists.

Details reported by the Thai press are as follows: a Thai and American tourist couple and their child were electrocuted while swimming in the jacuzzi of a luxury hotel in the Sattahip district of Chonburi province. The victim, a 30-year-old woman, Montakan Hansantier, turned to renowned Thai lawyer Ronnarong Keufet for help after the hotel offered her only 100,000 baht in compensation.

She stated that she and her family stayed at the luxury hotel for three days from August 20 to 23 this year. Accommodation cost 3364 baht per night. And she was happy until a shocking incident on the last day of their stay. “Her husband, three-year-old son and herself were enjoying the Jacuzzi on the roof of the hotel. After 20 minutes in the pool, they all felt numb throughout their entire body and found it difficult to move their legs and arms. They struggled to get out of the pool and asked hotel staff for help. Hotel staff took them to the hospital, where a doctor told them they had received a five-second electric shock. They were hospitalized for further examination,” the publication recounted.

The hotel offered the tourist 100,000 baht as compensation, but she considered the treatment unfair. “My family and I almost died, and we are still in shock and afraid to do any activity related to the pool,” the tourist said. She added that she was five months pregnant and was concerned about how the shock could affect her unborn child.

The details were as follows: The tourists asked the hotel for compensation, and the hotel said it would be happy to cover medical expenses to the maximum up to 100,000 baht. The hotel added that the family will have to provide receipts as proof of medical expenses incurred. Montacan and her husband thought this was unfair. The lawyer, in turn, told the media that he would help the family file a complaint accusing the hotel of recklessly causing bodily harm. He will also report this to the Department of Consumer Protection. “Responsibility for safety lies with the hotel and that the hotel should not require receipts from victims as a precondition for compensation,” the lawyer said.

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