A sudden blow to tourism: a new group infection of hundreds of tourists can put an end to the whole industry

A sudden blow to tourism: a new group infection of hundreds of tourists can put an end to the whole industry

This week, global tourism received a new sudden blow that could put an end to the whole industry – the industry of sea cruises: after covid “stories” tourists shy away from cruises anyway, and here is a new, and a grandiose image blow. So, the other day a new “covid ship” moored in Sydney: we are talking about the Majestic Princess liner, on which hundreds of tourists infected with COVID were recorded. Tourists are being tested and isolated, while – as expected – they are blamed for the mass infection. Experts recall that the practice of mass lockdowns and worldwide hysteria started from “covid liners” in 2020, and again give pessimistic forecasts for cruise operators.

“The cruise ship is on the highest possible COVID alert for those on board with a level three alert,” the New South Wales Health Authority in Australia said. This means that at least 20% of the people on it are infected with the coronavirus. And since there are more than 3 thousand passengers and 1 thousand crew members on the liner, at least several hundred are infected. The local press operates with data on 800 cases.

About 800 people, mostly tourists, have been infected, Marguerite Fitzgerald, president of cruise operator Carnival Australia, added. “This is a 12-day flight and we started noticing cases about halfway through,” she said. She also added that infected tourists are mostly mildly ill or asymptomatic and are isolated in their cabins. According to the representative of the company, the result of several hundred infected was revealed after mass testing of tourists. At the same time, unlike the practice of 2020, tourists whose test turned out to be negative are released from the ship.

One such released tourist added that he thought the cruise operator did a good job with the protocols, but the passengers didn't listen to the instructions. “We got scared when we heard about the mass infections and quarantine, but we had a negative result and Princess Majestic did a really good job with the protocols. We have been wearing masks for the last seven days and were very careful when we went ashore, but some people just don't pay attention to the safety rules, and that was the problem, people just don't take COVID seriously,” said the passenger of the covid liner.< /p>

Recall that after the tragic story of quarantine in Japan on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February 2020, as well as less well-known similar stories of “covid ships”, cruise operators are in a serious crisis: tourists began to shy away from ships as from potential coronavirus quarantine breeding grounds. Moreover, no one wanted to find themselves in isolation in a floating “hospital”. And now the “covid ship” is moored again…

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