A swarm of bees covered the plane, causing a 3-hour delay

A swarm of bees covered the plane, causing a 3-hour delay

A Delta Air Lines plane was stuck on the runway at Houston Airport in the United States due to the fact that the swarm bees stuck around one of his wings. As a result, the flight was delayed by about 3 hours, writes Mirror.

Striped insects took a fancy to the wing of the aircraft and prevented passengers from landing. One witness wrote on social media: “My flight out of Houston is delayed because bees have gathered on the tip of one of the wings. We won't be allowed to sit down until the bees are removed. But how will it happen? Won't they fly off the wing when we take off?”.

The captain of the ship informed the passengers that they were having difficulty removing the bees. In particular, the beekeeper has no right to touch the plane, and the pest control expert was forbidden to spray funds on the liner. The airport staff also could not spray the plane with water for safety reasons.

The problem was solved around 14:30, when it was decided to move the plane to make room for another airliner. The bees did not like it, and they flew away on their own. As a result, the flight was delayed by 3 hours.

Similar situations have already happened before. In July 2021, wasps and bees in the UK delayed the takeoff of eight planes. On several occasions, insect nests blocked the sensors, preventing the crew from measuring flight speed correctly.

At the time, experts stated: that they will use whatever is available to them in urban areas.” Bees usually swarm when the queen leaves the hive in search of a new home and stays with the rest of the bees until a new place is found.

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