A terrible accident happened with a tourist bus at a popular resort: many tourists died

A terrible accident happened to a tourist bus at a popular resort: many tourists died

At least four dead and 30 injured – these are the consequences of a terrible accident with tourist bus in the south of the Dominican Republic. The bus with tourists, having lost control, collided with several cars at once.

According to the publication Nacional, the bus followed from the city of Bani on the southern coast of the island. The accident itself occurred on Hermanas Mirabal Street in the municipality of Los Cacaos, San Cristobal. According to preliminary data, the brakes of the bus failed – and he consecutively collided with several cars.

As a result, at least four people were killed and more than 30 were injured. The wounded were taken to the regional clinical hospital.

The nationality of the tourists has not yet been reported. Accordingly, it is not known whether there were tourists from Russia on the bus. However, since it is extremely problematic for our tourists to get to the Dominican Republic due to air sanctions, they are unlikely to be on the bus that had an accident.

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