A third of the hotels will not open: Crimea predicted the worst tourist season

A third of hotels won't open: Worst tourist season predicted for Crimea

At least a third of Crimean hotels – mostly small guest houses – may not open at all in the coming summer season. The reason in the first place is the low load due to objective problems with the delivery of tourists. At the same time, the hotel simply has nowhere to reduce prices. Experts, including those from the Crimean tourist industry, told Kommersant this information.
So, as Svetlana Voznaya, executive director of the Crimea Travel Alliance Association, told the publication, guest houses and small hotels may not open this summer. Hoteliers in general are looking at the season with pessimism after the disastrous May holidays, when hotel occupancy did not rise above 10-15%, she said. For the summer, the expert does not expect load above 30–40%, while 70–80% is considered a good indicator for Crimea.

Oksana Shustikova, a representative of Tvil.ru, also estimated for Kommersant that hotels with 50-60 rooms, which is 20-30% of the total number of rooms in Crimea, will presumably not resume work. So far, some hotels have postponed the opening time to the end of May, but it is possible that some of them will never open. Recall that hotels are already reducing prices for accommodation and even the most popular of them issue special offers – read more about this at the link – but hotels cannot lower prices below a certain limit due to high inflation, which significantly increased all hotel expenses.
The representative of the tour operator Intourist, Daria Domostroeva, also confirmed to the publication that the dynamics of booking tours to the Crimea for the summer really remains low. This is also indicated by the general director of the Dolphin tour operator Sergey Romashkin, noting that demand is lower than in the Krasnodar Territory. Experts call figures different – from 50% to 85%. The main reason is delivery problems: Simferopol Airport has been closed to passenger flights since February 24 since the start of the special operation, and the number of trains is limited and tickets are not easy to get – so much so that tour operators offer charter buses. Even with an increase in the capacity of trains, it will not be possible to achieve significant growth, in addition, tourists from the regions, starting from the Urals, will disappear almost completely: not everyone is ready to spend several days on a train.

At the same time, as the sources of the publication estimate , in Sochi, where the airport is open, the decline was only 10%. If not for the closure of the airport, the picture would be similar – he is sure.

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