A tourist at the airport was shocked when a strange animal was found in her bag

A tourist at the airport was shocked when a strange animal was found in her bag

A foreign tourist placed the luggage on a conveyor belt at the airport, and the introscope detected there strangeness is an animal. The find stunned the tourist and security personnel. The incident was reported by The Sun.

The incident occurred at Norfolk International Airport in Virginia (USA). Airport security personnel scanned luggage and found an active animal on their screens. In it they recognized a cat, its outlines were easily guessed. In those seconds, the staff could only guess why the traveler subjected the animal to such a test, because American airlines allow cats and other pets to be taken into the cabin, which means that they must be removed from the suitcase before the suitcase passes through the security scanner.

The situation, which attracted public attention, was clarified by the representative of the American Transportation Safety Administration, Lisa Farbstein. She posted photos of the bag on social media and posted the following: “Just when you thought it was safe to bring your beloved cat on a trip… This morning, a traveler left her beloved cat in her travel bag at the checkpoint. Attention pet owners: please do not send your pet through the x-ray machine, because this is a “catOStrophic” error!”

In the comments, several people asked about the condition of the pet, to which the employee replied: “Yes, everything is okay. The traveler and the cat were properly screened as soon as the officers saw the x-ray image.”

Farbstein explained that the passenger either did not know to remove the pet from her hand luggage before passing through the security checkpoint or forgot to do so. After the incident, the Transportation Security Administration once again reminded tourists how tourists should travel with their pets: “The passenger must remove the pet from the carrying bag and carry it through the walk-through metal detector or lead the pet through the metal detector on a leash.”

However, this is not the first time a traveler has left her four-legged friend in her suitcase to go through security scanners at an American airport. For example, last year there was a similar case: a dog was scanned by scanners at the Dane County Regional Airport in Wisconsin under similar circumstances. By the way, airline employees have previously seen kangaroos and ponies in aircraft cabins.

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