A tourist boom began in Hurghada and Marsa Alam: a traffic jam from aircraft was recorded in the air

Tourist boom began in Hurghada and Marsa Alam: traffic jam from aircraft was recorded in the air

Hurghada set another record for the reception of tourists: last weekend, or rather on Saturday, 101 regular and charter flights were counted at the resort's airport, mainly from European countries. On average, such a dense schedule meant that during peak periods, liners landed with a break of 15 minutes, and real traffic jams were recorded in the sky from aircraft waiting for permission to land.

According to the Egyptian media, on average, the resort 15,000 tourists arrived on that one Sabbath day. Mostly they are Europeans. German tourists are in the lead in terms of the number of tourist flows.

The Marsa Alam airport, adjacent to Hurghada, also has a busy schedule. 121 flights with tourists arrived there in two days. The main countries here are the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland.

Recall that four companies are currently flying from Russia to Egypt, in the near future a fifth will be added to them – we are talking about the Anex Tour tour operator, which opened sales of tours with a direct flight from Moscow to the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh by EgyptAir flights.

“The start of both programs is scheduled for the period from September 3 to mid-May 2023. The frequency of departures from Moscow is daily. On all flights, the tour operator has guaranteed blocks of seats,” Anex reports.

According to the departure time, the tour operator announced the following information: flights from Moscow depart at 05:30 to Sharm el-Sheikh and 06:00 to Hurghada, arrival time in the morning. And the slots for flights to Moscow are scheduled for the evening – respectively, 22:45 and 22:05. “Thus, tourists will spend the maximum amount of time on vacation,” Anex added. Read more at this link.

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