A tourist got into a fight with a gang of monkeys on a beach in Thailand after they attacked his one-year-old son

A tourist got into a fight with a gang of monkeys on a beach in Thailand after how they attacked his one-year-old son

A foreign traveler got into a fight with a gang of monkeys on one of the Thai beaches of the popular Phi Phi Islands. The reason for the confrontation was the aggressive attack of the primate on the one-year-old son of a tourist. The incident, which was partially filmed by an eyewitness, drew the attention of the Daily Mail newspaper.

Riley Whitelam, 38, and his wife Elaina Karausu, 29, arrived on holiday from Australia to Thailand with their two sons. When they were on the Phi Phi Islands, located between the mainland and the island of Phuket, an emergency occurred. While relaxing on the beach, one monkey attacked a one-year-old child and managed to bite him, while others rummaged through the backpack of tourists.

The man managed to save his son Darwin from an aggressive animal. The traveler came out of the fight with scratches and bites. It was clarified that subsequently the whole family needed to undergo a course of injections for tetanus and rabies.

As it turned out, the couple tried to bring animals in on the morning of the same day so that their sons could watch, but failed. They then returned to the beach at sunset, where they spotted the animals, who were intrigued by the tourists' pink bag that contained money, passports, phones, and wallets. When Riley went to the backpack to get it, one of the monkeys attacked the baby. The man hit the primate to scare off the others, and took the frightened child in his arms. But it was not there. The flock began to approach them. The tourist, shouting and lunging forward, tried to show them his strength, but from time to time the tailed ones surrounded him, so that the traveler periodically had to retreat to the water.

“I fought a dozen monkeys. I'm not ashamed that I hit the monkey, because they went for Darwin, it was scary. None of the people on the beach helped, ”said the Australian. The mother of the family did not know about the incident, because swam at that time in the sea. After the fight ended, the family went to the hospital. According to doctors, as a rule, every day they receive two people who need medical attention after a primate attack.

It is known that an Australian family has been living and traveling on a yacht for several years on the income from their YouTube- channel and user donations. The money goes towards maintenance of the vessel and new filming equipment, with the couple getting most of their food straight out of the water. In one of the videos, they said that if they had known about the danger on the island, they would not have stopped there.

We add that cases of monkey attacks on tourists are not uncommon in Thailand. Travelers should always be careful to avoid feeding or approaching animals.

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