A tourist in Hurghada celebrated her birthday at the bottom of the sea

A tourist in Hurghada celebrated her birthday at the bottom of the sea

Egypt continues to develop original programs that attract tourists. So, a company engaged in boat trips in Hurghada decided to “advertise” itself by arranging an original performance for a tourist diver. Lidia from Slovenia celebrated her birthday underwater in Hurghada with the participation of several tourists and company animators. The tourist was presented with an underwater festive banner, and they also organized dances on the seabed.

“I love Hurghada and I love diving, I love to dive into the depths of the sea to enjoy the view of coral reefs and rare fish and other marine organisms,” said the touched tourist, who, upon surfacing, was also expecting a birthday cake from company representatives. She also expressed gratitude to the workers of sea tourism in Hurghada for participating in the celebration of her birthday, and assured that she was ready to celebrate it in this way in Hurghada every year.

According to representatives of the organizing company, their goal was to create an atmosphere of happiness , joys and pleasures, “to stimulate tourism and show tourists all the sights of the city of Hurghada.”

As Ahmed Bijou, a cruise operator in Hurghada, added, they managed to impress the tourist by preparing an underwater birthday party for her with a number of foreign tourists of various nationalities from Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and England. “The holiday made all tourists happy. It is also beneficial for us – all tourists tend to take memorable photos and publish them on their pages on social networks, which contributes to the revival of tourism and work to attract tourists to the beaches of the city of Hurghada,” he said.

According to experts, boat trips, and especially diving and snorkelling, are in high demand among vacationers from “all foreign nationalities”. The beaches of Hurghada attract tourists with their magnificent coral reefs, soft sand and offshore islands, led by Giftun Island.

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