A tourist kissed a mermaid and caused a storm of indignation

A tourist kissed a mermaid and caused a storm of indignation

The strange behavior of an American tourist in Copenhagen caused a storm of indignation among other travelers who witnessed this incident. The girl rubbed herself against the Little Mermaid statue and then kissed it, ignoring the ban on touching the monument.

One of the most famous attractions of Copenhagen attracted increased attention from a 19-year-old foreign tourist, Metro reported. This was seen and captured on a phone camera by tourist Dylan Trinkler. The video recording he made shows her climbing onto the stone base of the monument, rubbing her face against it and beginning to kiss the statue. At the same time, there were clear signs around the sculpture prohibiting such shocking actions.

Trinkler spoke about the reaction of others to this incredible behavior: “There was a crowd of about 100 people there, and everyone was watching what was happening in complete confusion. The Danes there said: “This is Danish heritage” and “this is a work of art.” In addition, many people began to boo the offender and shouted at her to get out. The incident took an even stranger turn when the American woman climbed down from the statue, and her companion hugged and kissed the heroine of the video.

It is worth noting that the Little Mermaid statue, erected in 1913 and made of bronze and granite, is part of the Danish heritage and is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tale about the mermaid who sacrificed her sea world for the sake of love for a prince on land.

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