A tourist quarreled with the administration and set fire to a hotel in Thailand

A tourist quarreled with the administration and set fire to a hotel in Thailand

British tourists again “lit up” in criminal reports abroad. This time the incident took place in Thailand, where the guest quarreled with the hotel administrator and, as if in retaliation, set fire to the hotel. There were no casualties, and the British citizen himself fled the scene.

The incident took place the night before last in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand's largest city, where tourist bookings plummeted by 45% due to lack of air (details here). The fire broke out at 00:10 at night at the Y Smart Hotel on Kaeo Nawarat Soi 5, near the bus station. As a result, six people – Thais and foreign tourists – were trapped on the third floor of the building. They ran out to their balconies and waited for help. Luckily, firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and were able to put out the fire in 30 minutes and save everyone. It is reported that there were no victims, hospitalization was not required.

According to the rescue team, the fire started in room 203 on the second floor. The duty manager stated that the room was rented by a 27-year-old Briton who lived alone in the hotel. The same hotel employee went on to say that the man had an argument with him at the front desk around 10:00 pm, with details of the issue not being released to the media. Since the man was aggressive, the receptionist ran out from behind the counter and hid. Then the Briton returned to his room, packed his things and left the hotel before the fire started.

After a while, the employee returned to his duties and carried towels to the guests on the third floor. Passing by the second floor, he noticed a lot of smoke coming out of the room where the British tourist lived.

After extinguishing the fire, it turned out that the second floor of the hotel was completely destroyed, the amount of damage is currently being established. Now the police are investigating the case and looking for the same guest, as he is the main suspect in the arson case.

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