A tourist reported a scary phrase that she uses to silence high-profile companies

A tourist reported a scary phrase she uses to silence loud companies

An American tourist who has been a frequent airline user has been Uses a simple phrase while flying that ensures that annoying fellow travelers remain quiet and respectful during air travel, at least while they are nearby. This technique proved to be effective in getting rid of annoying fellow travelers. Her “deadly” statement was reported by The Mirror.

Traveler Sam Dean from New York has refused to put up with noisy travelers and has found a “weapon” against them when it comes to bringing peace and quiet to crowded planes. The girl turns to the source of the noise and says that she is going to the funeral. While this claim is almost always false, and some passengers may find it unethical or a way to “call” trouble, the traveler assured that her scary phrase always works, so she now uses it with success in hotels.

In her video, which has over 19 million views on TikTok, she shared the following information: “If people are around you and they are very loud and rude – on a plane or in a hotel – and you want them to be quiet, but you don't want to look a jerk in this situation, if something goes wrong, then just say: “Hey, sorry, could you please calm down? I have to get up early for the funeral tomorrow. They immediately become uncomfortable. They will instantly calm down.”

No matter how painful the advice of a tourist may seem, most users in the comments were surprised at her terrible measure of influence on people. “You are a genius”, “As an undertaker, I can use this phrase every day, being completely honest,” such comments were left by users.

Others gave their own recommendations on how to silence people. For example, one said that he pretends to know some criminals and such an acquaintance makes others be quieter. The next way is to let the loud tourist know that the level of noise he is making is inappropriate: “I just pretend to call and say: “Sorry, the person next to me is very noisy, I can’t hear you.” Another option is to join the conversation of a noisy company and suddenly start asking clarifying questions. There are two ways out: either they will really reduce activity, or you will have to talk with them for the entire flight.

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