A tourist revealed the secret of how to take a great photo for a passport or social media profile

A tourist revealed the secret of how to take a great photo for a passport or social media profile

For a good passport photo and for a social media profile that will not disappoint today, not after a while, you will need makeup and some beauty tricks that models use during photo shoots. Tourist Molly Russell-Scott spoke about this in a video posted on her TikTok account.

The girl shared her own passport photo with subscribers, and commentators were delighted with what they saw. As it turned out, she used special makeup, including contouring. In addition, the traveler shared a secret that she learned from models and actively uses it: to make the chin lighter or visually get rid of the second, you need to press your tongue against it – “so the chin line will be emphasized.”

This technique also known as mewing. A term used to describe a “facial reconstruction” technique involving tongue placement. Instead of putting the tongue on the “bottom of the mouth”, the technique advises to put the tongue on the palate in the fossa, keeping the lips closed and teeth slightly touching. This is considered by many to be the correct position for the tongue, and mewing can teach the body to hold the tongue in this position.

More than 300,000 people watched the video of the tourist, and judging by the comments, most were stunned by how spectacular the girl looked in her passport photo. “How can someone look so good in a passport photo?!” traveler's video message.

Recall the recent incident involving a model traveler who was detained at the border control in Malaysia due to the fact that the girl flew without makeup, and in her passport photo she looked like on the cover of a magazine (read the details at this link).

Note that an application for a Russian internal passport and a foreign passport may be rejected, in particular, due to the abundance of makeup on the face.

Help: Mewing is a technique called by the name of the founder of the technique of hereditary orthodontist Mike Mew. Its essence is to learn to keep the tongue in the mouth in a certain position, namely, pressing it against the palate. Through constant training in the placement of the tongue, which is not a muscle, but a muscle consisting of 16 muscles, a natural correction of the bite occurs. In addition to it, the neck and chin are involved in the technique. Strengthening and developing, they can correct the bite and give a pleasant “side” effect, like the transformation of the face oval. It is this method that beauty bloggers and models use for an express effect.

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