A tourist told how she gets free flights, food and 5-star hotels

A tourist told how she gets free flights, food and 5-star hotels

Traveling abroad is not affordable for some categories of tourists , especially when it comes to five-star hotels in the peak season. However, the traveler dispelled this myth by sharing a video on TikTok about how she gets free flights, food and accommodation in the “fives” and saves a fortune.

The ability to travel the world for free or for little pay gives her position . A tourist works as a mystery shopper at airports, airlines, hotels and shops.

“Airports have shops and restaurants that secret agents have to check. So instead of spending money on food before you take off on a long flight, find a mystery shopper job to cover your food expenses, or do small shopping for a flight. All this will be paid for as part of the assignment,” she explained.

It's no secret that sometimes flights account for the bulk of expenses during a short vacation. Mystery shopping with airlines means you can save some serious money on your vacation. “Instead of just paying for air tickets out of your own pocket, get a mystery shopper assignment that will cover all or part of your airfare in exchange for providing a report on some aspect of the flight,” the girl advised.

< p>Another way to save money while on vacation is not to pay for a five-star hotel. How to do it? Again, take the task of inspecting a hotel or hotel room. The customer will cover part or 100% of the employee's expenses. “As a mystery shopper, you evaluate a hotel and submit a report in exchange for the entire cost of staying at the hotel, including the room, taxes, food and spa access,” the adventurous tourist explained.

The girl did not limit herself to the above points and stated that as an inspection agent she manages to dine in cafes and restaurants for free, as well as take souvenirs from the trip: “I ate at five-star restaurants in Maui, Istanbul, London and Paris, completing secret shopping tasks . I also shopped in destination cities so I could earn some money even on vacation, and come back with some free stuff.”

Also, she advised those who want extra perks but don't want to bother filling out reports as a secret inspector, just act like an auditor. She says staff are more likely to offer extras, such as a upgraded room, to get a good review.

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