A tourist told how to change economy to business class on an airplane for free

Tourist told how to change economy class to business class for free

Politeness and timely treatment are the main ways to change economy service to business class without additional payment. Tourist Louise Truman shared her secrets on her TikTok account. According to her, the method she proposed works on flights 50 percent of the time.

In her video titled “How to Ask for a Free Raise,” she told her thousands of followers that it's all about asking the flight attendant the right way. “Simply and politely: “Are there opportunities for a free promotion today? It’s my dream to be in business class!” she said.

The traveler also had one more option in stock. “Express inconvenience: “I know that this is a busy route, I’m happy to take the next flight if you can upgrade me to a higher class of service,” a traveler suggested this wording to communicate with aviation personnel.

Tem However, the turnaround time is of key importance. The girl stressed that she turned to the flight attendants only when she had already boarded the plane. “The methods worked for me on three out of six long-haul flights last year,” the blogger said.

Other travel tips often include the following:

  1. Don’t dress “like a bum” ”.
  2. Keep your manners

The tourist wasn't the only one getting a free upgrade while traveling. So, one girl told how she gets free flights, food and five-star hotels when she travels. In doing so, she saves a fortune. Read the details in the Turprom material at this link.

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