A tourist was hit by a jet blast at a popular resort, suffering fractures

A tourist was hit by a jet blast at a popular resort, suffering fractures

An instructive video has appeared on the Internet of what happens if you violate safety precautions and get too close to a landing aircraft. A tourist was seriously injured after being hit by a jet blast from an aircraft on the popular island of Skiathos in Greece last Wednesday. She didn't die just by sheer luck.

A 61-year-old woman was standing near the runway, trying to take a picture of the aircraft, when a strong gust of wind from the aircraft's engines hit her and literally blew her off the spot. The woman hit the rocks. The tragic incident was captured on video by a local news site, Greekreporter reported.

Doctors at the local medical center found she had serious head injuries, a broken pelvis, and bruises on her right shoulder and left wrist. The woman was taken by boat to a hospital in Volos, the nearest mainland city.

This is the second such accident in the past few weeks. In June, a 79-year-old man suffered minor injuries after being hit by a jet blast from a passenger plane. During the day, a man was standing outside the fenced area of ​​Skiathos Airport in the northwest Aegean when he was thrown to the ground by the force of the aircraft's turbines. He was transferred to a local medical center where he was treated for abrasions and bruises.

Help: Skiathos airport is a favorite place for airspotters, i.e. aircraft watchers. Skiathos International Airport named after Alexandros Papadiamantis is the most convenient place for this, because. planes here operate on the only short and narrow runway located close to residential buildings. In addition, the strip is surrounded by the sea, lagoon and hill. Among pilots, it is considered the most difficult, because. does not give chances for maneuvering and additional “rolling”. However, its location provides spectacular takeoffs and landings for tourists.

This is an extremely popular spot for people known as “airspotters”. According to local media reports, many locals and tourists come close to the fence every day, trying to capture the moment when the planes fly as low as possible over their heads. Despite conspicuous signage and government warnings to stay away from the airport's runway, this rule is flouted by many holidaymakers.

The island's airport is often compared to Princess Juliana International Airport on Saint Maarten in the Caribbean the sea because of its runways, which are just a few steps from the sea and are also extremely difficult for pilots.

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