A tourist was shocked at the resort, discovering the cause of the strange noise coming from her suitcase

Tourist was shocked at the resort after discovering the cause of the strange noise coming from her suitcase

A shocking find in her own suitcase was discovered by an Australian tourist in Bali. According to the Daily Mail, the tourist complained to fellow travelers about “strange sounds” coming from her bag. The tourists heard the incomprehensible sounds for several days that they lived in a villa in Amed, in the east of Bali, and only then decided to determine its source.

As it turns out, the sounds were made by an Apple Airtag in her suitcase, a special mini coin-sized tracker that connects to an iPhone and is usually designed to help owners keep track of keys, bags or other important items. “But neither of us have Apple products, and we don't have an Airtag, and we both completely emptied our bags before getting ready for the trip,” the tourist added. What frightened her most of all was that the tracker was giving a signal – which meant that the one who put it in the bag was not far from the villa.

Vacationers – a tourist and her companion – immediately dismantled the “beacon” and, just in case case decided to warn other tourists. “We dismantled and left the AirTag in Amed. And we want to warn others to check their bags, ”the tourist wrote in local communities on social networks. Despite the fact that iPhone “fans” assure the tourist that these devices are “specially designed so that they cannot be used to track people,” experts assured her that she has something to worry about. AirTags have already been used by “stalkers” and commonplace robbers in order to find out where a potential victim lives.

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