A tourist who visited Uzbekistan told what has changed there in 10 years

A tourist who visited Uzbekistan told what has changed there in 10 years

“Beautiful and original” Uzbekistan slightly “civilized” sights and roads , dealt with the black market of currencies and reduced the bureaucratic burden on the tourist. But in general, neither in terms of the exotic that attracts lovers to the country, nor in terms of hospitality, the country has changed much. Such conclusions on her channel in Yandex.Zen were made by a blogger who compared her journey in 2022 with the previous one undertaken 10 years ago.

What has changed in Uzbekistan since 2012? A word to the blogger: “It so happened that both the first and second trips were in the spring. Moreover, even the route was the same: Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz,” she clarifies to begin with.

“The most basic thing that has changed in 10 years is money. In 2012, the most favorable exchange rate was at the bazaar: any tradeswoman could crush a pack of banknotes with cucumbers and exchange them at a favorable rate. In 2022, it is better to change the currency in exchangers. The black market has practically disappeared,” the blogger says.

But the tourists were lucky with the bureaucratic part: “Until the summer of 2022, every tourist had to register at the hotel. If every day you move from city to city, then in each place there should be a new piece of paper. Starting this year, you can stay in Uzbekistan without registration for up to two weeks.”

Some tourist spots are clearly being refurbished. So in the center of the city of Khiva in 2012 there were “very colorful gardens”, now there is a square. “In Samarkand, “Registan Square was fenced off and a paid entrance was made. Fountains were also removed, and marble was laid instead of ancient paving stones. There was also a multi-colored night illumination that changes to the beat of the music – such a kind of light show. But to be honest, this is just the case when “before” was better. Somehow more soulful, ”the blogger writes. But in most cities, the game of “find 10 differences” is difficult.

They are also trying to figure out the infrastructure. “The road from Khiva to Bukhara was just starting to be built in 2012 – it was quite a difficult and intense adventure. By 2022, only one unfinished section remained. But the road is not yet complete. As in 2012, in 2022 it is better to travel from Khiva to Bukhara by high-speed train,” writes, for example, a blogger.

“Everything is changing rapidly in the world, but here the architecture remains just as beautiful, the food is delicious , and people are soulful,” she sums up.

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