A war has been declared on rogue tourists and drunks: in a popular resort, the authorities have begun buying out cheap hotels to eliminate them

War has been declared on rogue tourists and alcoholics: in a popular resort, authorities have begun buying out cheap hotels to liquidate them

The authorities of the Balearic Islands declared war on “excess tourism”, as they called cheap “alcotourism” mainly from the British. And we are not talking about fines – the authorities decided to engage in direct “amputation” and will resort to a radical method. Such a precedent in the tourism industry will be the first – writes the Majorca Daily Bulletin – the authorities are urging the government to allocate money to buy up dangerous tourist “illiquid” – cheap 1-3 * hotels where “alcohol tourists” stay, as well as “toxic” entertainment nightclubs, bars that received massive fines, etc. Moreover, to buy up for the purpose of closing and demolition – they want to build residential buildings on the site of the “vile” infrastructure, as well as, in the future, hotels of a higher category for much wealthier tourists.

According to the President of the Balearic Islands, Francine Armengol, the Balearic Islands “experience severe overpopulation during the season.” There are over 625 thousand tourist accommodations for 1.2 million local residents, and this is mainly “cheap” infrastructure, the main buyer of which is a “young and drunk” tourist, mainly from the UK, who not only annoys the locals with their antics, but and scares away more sane and solvent tourists from the resorts. The authorities tightened the laws for several years, passed fines after fines – and now they came to the decision that radical measures were needed to combat “tourism of excesses.”

“The number of places to accommodate tourists can be reduced without compromising employment or social cohesion,” Ms. Armengol assured in her speech. She stressed that the government plans to allocate about 10 million euros for the “reorganization” of tourism in the framework of the new adopted law. These funds, among other things, are planned to be spent on the ransom and destruction of “nests of vice”, which Ms. President called “institutions of a low category.” This will include cheap hotels from 1 to 3 *, as well as night bars and other “toxic” establishments. They are planned, depending on the place of deployment, either to close them permanently, or to find an investor who can “re-profile” the establishments into something more “decent” and bring more income.

In general, the new law provides for the liquidation of about 40 thousand seats in the economy segment. In addition, it limits the creation of new hotels and other infrastructure. As Ms. President stated, this could become a “role model” for other regions of Spain that are tortured by overtourism.

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