A wave of tourists of 1 billion people is expected: Turkish resorts will be covered by a tsunami of them

A wave of tourists of 1 billion people is expected: a tsunami of them will cover Turkish resorts

As soon as China opens the borders, and this is expected very soon, all popular tourist destinations, including Turkey, in particular Istanbul and Cappadocia, will be covered by a “tsunami of tourists”. At least 1 billion Chinese can rush abroad. This forecast was presented in the Turkish media by Andrew Steel, CEO of Raffles Istanbul Zorlu Center. He is sure that the Chinese and Asian markets, which have been closed for a long time due to covid, will open soon, and then a real “tsunami” of tourists should be expected everywhere.

At the same time, the “luxury” segment of Istanbul, with his words, and so does not live in misery. “5-star hotels in the city operate with high occupancy throughout the year, and sometimes it is difficult for tourists to find a place in hotels,” he said. Therefore, the Chinese will create the strongest load on the infrastructure and cause a significant shortage of rooms. At the same time, according to Mr. Steele, at the moment, “the tourism market of Istanbul is returning to its old glory days.”

As for the Chinese market, the expert’s forecast for it is as follows: their doors, there will be a “wave” of about a billion people wishing to travel abroad from China.” Moreover, according to his forecasts, the Chinese “tsunami” can be expected relatively soon – according to him – for the next Mid-Autumn Festival, that is, at the end of next September.

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