Abkhazia is becoming scarce: it has been announced where there are almost no vacancies left

Abkhazia is becoming scarce: it has been announced where there are almost no vacancies left

In the top hotels and sanatoriums of Abkhazia, there are already problems with free places, in some there are no rooms until September. Such a deficit was caused by high demand, which is due to the good transport accessibility of Abkhazia for Russian tourists – a wide route network with an arrival in Sochi. Also, tourists are attracted by affordable prices for Abkhaz holidays – an average of 30-40 thousand for two. As a result, tour operators urge those tourists who plan to have a rest already in the middle and end of the velvet season to think – it is better to implement plans now. Such statistics were presented by ATOR experts.

According to their estimates, the average demand for Abkhazia has increased by 20-30%. At the same time, the booking depth of the most popular objects is above average – from 1 to 2 months. As a result, many popular hotels and resorts are already fully occupied. At the same time, tour operators emphasize that the shortage of places in popular hotels and boarding houses in Abkhazia in the summer season is a traditional phenomenon.

“Intourist” named among the hotels that have a maximum load in August and in the first half of September, such as “Literary Fund”, “Boxwood Grove”, “Amra Park”, “Amza”, “Alex Beach”. Dolphin added the Europa Hotel, Vodopad, Rodina, Azure Coast, Bagripsh, Aitar, Pitsunda OPK to this list. “Multitour” reported on the feet in the boarding house. Musser and the Inter Sukhum Hotel. In FUN&SUN, the Wellness Park Hotel Gagra and Aquamarine Family Club were added to the list.

However, they tried to reassure tourists who want to get to Abkhazia: it is still possible to find a suitable option in the resorts of Abkhazia. Tour operators, thanks to seat quotas, have some alternatives. Intourist, for example, said that there are still places in the Apsny hotels in Gudauta, Golden Sands in Pitsunda, Rossiya in Gudauta, etc.

On the other hand, tour operators said that tourists should hurry up with booking tours to Abkhazia and for the velvet season. Several hotels have already closed sales for this period, for others this situation may occur at any time. At the same time, after September 15-20, there is a traditional price reduction in hotels – by about 10-15%. In general, taking into account the seasonal decline in prices for accommodation and air travel, a tour to Abkhazia at the end of September will cost 20-30% cheaper.

Moreover, prices for the high season are quite affordable. Tour operators have submitted the following price tag:

  • “Intourist”: tour for 7 nights with a flight and transfer to the White Rocks boarding house (Tsandripsh village) – from 34,839 rubles. for two without meals. At breakfast – from 38 595 rubles. for two. Package tour with full board accommodation – from 46,251 rubles. for two.
  • “Dolphin”: a week of rest excluding the road – from 8568 rubles. for two without meals. Accommodation with breakfast – from 21 420 rubles. for two, with all-inclusive meals – from 137520 rubles. for two.
  • “Multitour”: a double room in a boarding house in Pitsunda with three meals a day – from 27 thousand rubles. no road; in the boarding house “Eucalyptus Grove” full board – from 31,104 rubles. for two.
  • FUN&SUN: tours without meals for 7 nights – from 15-18 thousand rubles. for two, excluding the road, and with all-inclusive meals – from 75 thousand rubles. for two.

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