After complaints from tourists in Thailand decided to demolish 3 resorts

After complaints from tourists in Thailand, they decided to demolish 3 resorts

Three resorts in Thailand were decided to be demolished for “obtrusive structures that block the view.” The decision was made after complaints from tourists – this was ordered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. All this, according to the Thai press, is taking place in a popular tourist spot on the hillside of Phu Thap Boek in Phetchabun province.

According to media reports, Environment Minister Warawut Silpa-archa instructed his adviser Yutapol Angkinan, a protection inspector environment, and relevant agencies to immediately address the problem of illegal resorts located near Pha Hua Sing, or Lion's Head Rock, in Ban Noen, Lom Khao District. This rock is considered an integral part of the Khao Kho National Park ecosystem.

“The investigation showed that three resorts were located in forested areas. This illegal construction violates section 4 of the Forest Act 1941 and watershed area 1A, which designates a conservation area designed to protect the forest,” Thai officials said. As a result, the resorts will be demolished.

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