After the opening of direct flights to Georgia, the Russians began to refuse them en masse: a banal reason was named

After the opening of direct flights to Georgia, the Russians began to massively refuse them: a banal reason was named

Representatives of the Georgian airline Georgian Airways are extremely disappointed with the result of the launch of flights to Russia – they fly half empty. However, the reason that the Russians massively refuse these flights is banal – the prices are exorbitant and tourists refuse to buy them. “Arguments and Facts” cited tourists who considered a trip to Georgia, but refused to purchase tickets. They all point to one main reason – the price.

“Horrible how expensive! Tickets from Moscow to Tbilisi on Georgian Airways cost from 60,000 to 66,000 rubles round-trip, our airlines are only 3,000 rubles cheaper,” said tourist Alexei S. from St. Petersburg. According to him, for the same money you can fly to Thailand, and to India – and two times cheaper. Not a single normal tourist would pay such “crazy money” for Georgia.

“Georgia has always been a destination for budget tourists, for people who are short of money,” Anastasia V. from Moscow clarifies. As a result, the target audience will prefer to “fly to Armenia for 15-20 thousand rubles round-trip, and from there get to Tbilisi by minibus,” the tourist is sure.

The carrier’s calculations that Tbilisi will be able to become a hub on the way from Russia to Europe is not destined to come true for the same reasons – another commentator is sure. “Tickets are more expensive than the Turks. They frankly profit. It is more economical to fly to Delhi, the prices for Georgia are crazy,” tourists write.

As a result, the Georgian carrier will be able to “hope for the best” only if it brings prices to an adequate level. But that doesn't seem to count.

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