Again a shark: in Egypt, the beaches of a popular resort were urgently closed, tourists are scared

A shark again: the beaches of a popular resort were urgently closed in Egypt, tourists are scared

In Egypt, a shark again scared tourists at a popular resort, however, this is not surprising after the terrible death of a Russian from the bites of this predator in Hurghada in June this year. In Dahab, the beaches are urgently closed due to the fact that a dangerous predator was noticed right at the buoys of the local resort area. As Dr. Mohamed Salem, head of the Department of Nature Protection under the Ministry of Environment, added, no real emergency occurred, measures were taken preventively, since no one needs a repetition of what happened in Hurghada.

Mr. Salem, as quoted by the Egyptian press, also explained that after the discovery of the shark, “it was decided to close the area from all activities, whether swimming, diving or fishing, as a precautionary measure to prevent possible incidents like the one what happened in Hurghada.”

At the same time, he added that the duration of the closure of the beaches has not yet been specified. Most likely, the measures will last “until the assessment of the situation and the determination of the type of shark observed in the area is completed.”

Let us recall that after the last tragic incident in Hurghada, when a shark literally ate a tourist on the city beach, and later it turned out that that the tourist turned out to be Russian (read here) local authorities are discussing radical anti-shark security measures. Among them are anti-shark barriers throughout the resort's beaches, as well as the chipping of all possible sharks. Everything, however, rests on the financial component. Read the details here. It looks like the fight against sharks will unfold in other resorts.

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