Air transportation of Russians to Turkey has gone into the wrong hands

Air transportation of Russians to Turkey has gone into the wrong hands

The need to fulfill obligations to Russian tourists has led to a kind of imbalance between Russian and Turkish flights to Turkey. In fact, the transportation of Russians went into the wrong hands: the Turkish side received the right to twice the volume of flights than Russian airlines – the latter, under the conditions of Sankiy, are simply physically unable to satisfy the demand from tourists.

According to the statement of Russian Deputy Minister of Transport Igor Chalik, as of June, Russian airlines received permission for 177 flights per week, as for Turkish carriers, at the moment 428 regular flights have been approved for them, and most of them, in fact, are tourist charters with blocks of seats for Turkish tour operators. At the same time, the issue of coordinating Russian transportation rests on the risks of “air sanctions”: Turkey is not ready to guarantee that Russian aircraft on its territory will not be arrested at the request of lessors. And tourists need to be transported.

In particular, the Ministry of Transport has extended until June 30 the permits of Turkish Airlines for all flights to Russian cities and 50% of the requested flights to Moscow. Recall that Rostourism, among other things, convinced the department to expand Turkish transportation. The tourist market is in a hopeless situation – it is necessary to fulfill obligations to tourists, while in fact there is nowhere to fulfill them – the number of open destinations is small and Turkey is one of the most popular. Tourists relatively benefit – the expansion of transportation slightly “cooled” the soaring prices. In March, one could pay an average of 100 thousand rubles for round-trip air tickets, now such a ticket will cost 25-40 thousand rubles, and if the agreed flights fly, then it can drop below 30 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport states that the situation for Russia is not very advantageous. “Russian airlines, having the necessary capacities for transporting tourists to Turkish resorts, cannot use them due to the lack of guarantees from the Turkish aviation authorities for the smooth operation of flights. In fact, we are witnessing unfair competition, which is a direct violation of the current agreement on air services, according to which the airlines of the parties are given fair and equal opportunities to operate airlines,” Mr. Chalik comments. The fact is that Turkey successfully “sits on two chairs” and is not ready to guarantee the safety of Russian airlines from arrests of airliners from air sanctions. At the same time, the comment of the deputy head of the Ministry of Transport implies that Russia will still try to get these guarantees from Turkey.

Turkey, meanwhile, is making plans. The country's tourist media have already printed that the Russian Ministry of Transport has agreed to operate more than 450 flights a week by July 1. They also cite a statement made by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Zarina Doguzova: “In May, a request was made to increase the number of flights from 290 per week to 450 per week from July 1,” she said. She also added that in general, Rostourism, together with the Ministry of Transport, is working “on expanding air traffic with friendly countries that are ready to welcome tourists.” Also, by the way, in Turkey it was mentioned that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia and Turkey agreed to expand the work of the Mir payment system in Turkish hotels and spread its use in Turkey.

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