Airlines began to abandon a feature that causes conflicts in the plane

Airlines have begun phasing out a feature that causes conflicts on planes

To abandon the function that causes conflicts in the aircraft, as well as significantly save on the equipment and operation of aircraft – this is the goal pursued by airlines, which have increasingly begun to abandon reclining seats in their aircraft. True, passengers are becoming less and less able to feel comfortable during the flight, but this is already a cost.

As CNN said, bucket-shaped seats with a basic slightly reclined back are becoming the most popular now in new aircraft . Theoretically, they give more legroom for tall passengers, and also allow more people to fit on the plane. But conflicts due to reclined backs with rear-seated passengers are deprived.

As Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro, a German seat manufacturer that is well known in the industry and supplying airlines with both reclining and fixed seating, commented, more airlines are opting to fill their aircraft with non-reclining seats.

“The airline can select a predefined backrest angle position during the seat configuration process. This helps to provide either more comfort by increasing the angle of the backrest, or to perform special schemes with a specific number of passengers. What also makes reclining seats more attractive to airlines is that they are cheaper as they require much less maintenance,” he said. The reason for the cheapness is a much smaller number of moving parts, increased reliability and simplified maintenance, as well as low weight and cost, due to the absence of any mechanisms. Obviously, this trend will soon be adopted by Russian airlines, greedy for those innovations that allow them to get more profit, even to the detriment of passengers.

Indeed, experts fear that a decrease in the number of reclining seats can be a problem for tall passengers, especially on long-haul flights.

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