Airlines from Thailand will not fly to Russia: officials revealed immediate plans

Airlines from Thailand will not fly to Russia: officials revealed immediate plans

Thai carriers do not appear to be willing to risk Western sanctions, and airlines from Thailand will not fly to Russia, at least for the foreseeable future, but the country is completely open to Russian carriers. Such immediate plans were announced by the executive director of the Thai Tourism Authority TAT Tirasin Tapen for ATOR.

According to him, there is still little clarity about the return of Thai carriers to Russia. “Until the end of 2023, it is not worth expecting flights of Thai carriers to Russia. So far, we are only talking about flights of Russian airlines to Thailand. The country is open to all Russian carriers,” he said.

At the same time, he noted an interesting trend in terms of hotels. Thailand seems to be clearly moving towards the “expensive” segment. “In the high segment of hotels, volumes have fully recovered. But there are fewer hotels of the 3 * category and below now than before 2020. The thing is that after the pandemic, the demand for budget hotels has dipped significantly, but for high-level hotels, on the contrary, it has grown,” said Mr. Tirasin Tapen.

He also announced Thailand’s plans to introduce a resort collection: tourists who have gathered in Thailand for the summer, he, apparently, does not threaten. “The timing of the introduction of the new fee has not yet been precisely determined. Initially, the start was scheduled for September, but it will probably be moved. There is no exact information yet,” a Thai tourism official said. Recall that the amount of the fee will be 300 baht (a little more than 700 rubles at the current exchange rate). It is supposed to be included in the airfare.

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