An application for ordering Tuk-Tuks was launched in Phutek for tourists: prices promise to be significantly reduced

Phutek launches tuk-tukov app for tourists: prices are going to drop significantly

Thai popular app to order a taxi, Grab intends to expand its range at the beginning of next year, moreover, to the most popular and accessible segment for tourists of passenger transportation. According to the company, from January Phutek will launch an application for ordering Tuk-Tuks for tourists. Moreover, they promise to significantly reduce prices.

In total, as GrabTukTuk reported to the Thai press, the new application will include about 100 tuk-tuk cars for the convenience of tourists. According to the company's statement, it is “for locals and tourists to book local tuk-tuk services” and will also “support local drivers.” At the same time, they promise to keep prices at an affordable level, as well as fight fraudsters.

“The application is aimed at raising the standards of tariffs, quality of service and safety of taxi services in Phuket. We also expect that the fact of its availability and convenience will encourage local residents to use their cars for legal income or additional income,” said Vorrachat Lakhanaroy, CEO of Grab Thailand. The company's experts also invited local tuk-tuk drivers to apply for a partnership.

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