An explanation is given why it is better for Russians now not to go on vacation abroad

An explanation is given why it is better for Russians not to go on holiday abroad now

An explanation why it is better for Russians now not to go on vacation abroad with reference to the Russian Foreign Ministry and the opinion of an “experienced intelligence officer” was published by a travel blogger on his blog on Yandex.Zen. The reason is that tourists may turn out to be “bargaining chips” for the “exchange fund” of Americans in connection with the detention of a US spy journalist in Russia, the expert assures.

First of all, the blogger recalled that the Russian Foreign Ministry “advises Russians to be especially careful when planning trips to unfriendly countries.” And then he cited a statement that, according to the blogger, was voiced by his father-in-law, “an experienced intelligence officer, General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Leonid Petrovich Reshetnikov.” “After the arrest of the American journalist Gershkovich by the FSB in Yekaterinburg, who consciously or “blindly” was obviously doing intelligence work, the Pindos from the FBI and the CIA will look for opportunities to “hook” a couple of Russian citizens,” the blogger quotes. This detention, he assures, the US leadership considered “a slap in the face received from the FSB”, and “clearly will look for options to strike back.” As a result, the Americans will unleash a chain of scandals with Russians abroad, primarily in countries under the tight control of the United States. Russian tourists can also be hit, the blogger is sure.

He also recalls that the detainee, Evan Gershkovich, is a reporter covering events in Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union. He has lived permanently in Moscow for the past six years, is 31 years old and has recently written for The Wall Street Journal. He was detained in Yekaterinburg “while trying to obtain secret information.” “Accordingly, he “on the instructions of the United States” collected materials constituting a state secret “on the activities of one of the enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex.” The maximum punishment under the article “Espionage” (276 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is imprisonment for up to 20 years,” the blogger explained. He assured tourists that as a result of this detention, “the United States will now fill the exchange fund.”

“And they will grab everyone who comes to hand. Take care of yourself and your loved ones,” the blogger scared.

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