An insidious reason is revealed why Russian tourists in Thailand are outraged by excursions

An insidious reason is revealed why Russian tourists in Thailand are outraged by excursions

leave vacationers to themselves. Is this really so and what is the insidious reason for dissatisfied reviews, a Russian woman tried to figure it out in her Zen channel.

The storm of indignation of some Russian tourists is caused not by visits to museums and galleries, but by boat trips around the islands, which are very popular in Thailand. The organizers promise tropical views, unique nature, turquoise water, describe all the delights in the booklets, but do not assume that the Russians will call the above “excursion”. With all the ensuing consequences and certain expectations.

A Russian woman in her Zen channel gives a review of her tourist friend about one of the “excursions” around the islands. The man complains that they were simply put on a boat, silently taken to some place, given masks and vests, and then sent to swim. “No one bothered to tell us in any English what kind of island this is, what history it has, who lives here,” the Russian tourist is indignant.

Then the situation repeated itself in approximately the same way: the next island, a silent walk in an underwater cave, swimming. Also, a Russian tourist complains about safety issues, crowdedness in the cave, the noise of the Chinese, and the lack of information about the ecosystem of the underwater cave. Although, in general, the man assessed the service positively, except for the lack of gloves on the waiters serving fruit on the boat.

The Russian woman tried to understand why her friend did not like the excursion to the islands so much, and came to the conclusion: what she herself called her “excursion”. Thais advertise such trips as “4 Island Trip”, that is, “Trip to 4 islands.” There is nothing in the original title indicating the presence of a guide and information flows. It turns out that the person himself figured out how this event should take place, and then he himself was indignant. It is enough not to perceive the trip as an excursion, and the impressions will be completely different.

As for safety and increased hygiene requirements, the reason is the budget of the tour chosen by the man. “So this is a tour for 1000 baht. Take a private tour and ride with a chef in a white cap on a white yacht, what questions, ”the Russian woman writes.

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