Anex announced the sending of Russian tourists to the Turkish Black Sea

Anex announced the sending of Russian tourists to the Turkish Black Sea

Sending Russian tourists to Samsun, the capital of the Turkish Black Sea region, is planned to be carried out by the domestic tour operator Anex Tour next year. On this occasion, on September 28, a meeting was held in Turkey, which was attended by the Association of Black Sea Tour Operators (KATİD), including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANEX Turizm Group, Jozet Kochkara.

According to the head of the tour operator holding, next year the Russians will be able to take two or three test flights from Russia to Samsun. “We must look for an answer to the question of our geographical advantages and disadvantages … Local authorities must take the first step towards tourism. Before we can work here, we first need to define our target markets and target audience. Of course, we need to work on advertising so that we become stronger. Then it will be much easier for you. Next year, we will send 2-3 test flights from Russia to Samsun, I can promise you this,” the head of ANEX said at the conference, Turizmajansi said.

At the same time, a member of the Council of Mercan Turizm Mehmet Mengu agreed with his colleague and noted that the biggest problem in the Turkish Black Sea region is the lack of direct flights. According to another speaker, the Black Sea region of Turkey is not suitable for mass tourism, unlike the Mediterranean. However, sector experts began to record the growing interest of vacationers in more intimate objects and places of recreation. And for this they do not need a sandy beach, the sea and the scorching sun. In this regard, an alternative to crowded Antalya is the Samsun resorts, which offer a milder climate.

Reference: Samsun is the largest city on the southern Black Sea coast and at the same time a major seaport in the north Turkey, which since 2015 has been sold as a resort. There are many lakes, waterfalls, thermal springs, ancient bridges, castles and ski slopes in its vicinity.

Earlier, the tour operator announced the start of tours to India (details here), and Turkish Airlines canceled flights to three major cities Russia until the end of 2022 (read the details at this link).

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