Anex made a statement on tours to Thailand from 5 Russian cities for the summer

Anex made a statement on tours to Thailand from 5 cities of Russia for the summer

Domestic tour operator Anex Tour announced the extension of the flight program to the popular Thai island of Phuket for two seasons at once – SUMMER and AUTUMN 2023. Tourists will be able to get to the tropics on direct flights from five cities of Russia, the carrier said on its website.

Booking tours for the May holidays brought success to the operator, and the tour operator decided to extend the flight program to Thailand from the following five cities of the Russian Federation:

  1. Vladivostok
  2. Irkutsk
  3. Krasnoyarsk
  4. Novosibirsk
  5. Khabarovsk

Each package includes a direct flight with guaranteed seat confirmation from the block. “Immediately after the opening of sales, we see a greater depth of booking, and the next flights are already full. This is primarily due to the fact that Thailand is one of the main popular holiday destinations for residents of Siberian and Far Eastern cities, regardless of the time of year. The stereotype of “non-seasonality” has lost its relevance,” the press service stressed.

As for the prices for tours, the guideline is as follows: a tour of 10 nights with breakfast, direct flight from the chosen city, medical insurance and transfer, starts from 93,000 rubles from Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, 107,000 rubles from Irkutsk, 116,000 rubles from Khabarovsk and 123,000 rubles from Vladivostok.

It was specified that Anex also changed the program of tours to Thailand from Moscow on Red Wings flights. Flights to the resort island of Phuket will be available in 9 days, from May 22 this year. The frequency of the flight program is twice a week from Zhukovsky International Airport. The price tag of an organized tour lasting 11 nights starts from 120,000 rubles for two adults.

In addition, the tour operator offers Russians a charter program to Pattaya. It is open from May 1 to October 28. The Red Wings airline from Moscow flies to the resort region twice a week – on Mondays and Fridays.

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