Angry tourist takes revenge on passengers who recline their seats in front of her on an airplane

Angry tourist takes revenge on passengers who recline their seats in front of her

Angry frequent flyer has found a way to take immediate action in retaliation passengers who completely recline their seat backs in front of her in an airplane, and now successfully use it.

Even on a long-haul flight, not all tourists want to spend the flight lying down, some, for example, sitting watching movies while sipping a hot drink. However, this will not work if the passenger sitting in front reclines the back of the seat as much as possible. It is for such passengers lying in the chair that one air tourist named Fiona has prepared retribution.

According to the Daily Star, she told an Australian radio station about her method during one of the thematic programs. “When you fly economy class, it happens that the person in front of you is very inattentive and reclines his seat all the way back. But you know there are vents at the top that can be rotated. So I just turn them right in his face and turn them on at full power, ”the interlocutor said about her method of how to win back personal space from an air passenger who did not think about the inconvenience of a neighbor sitting behind.

The method she describes is indeed very harsh: if a person is sleeping, cold air can almost certainly wake him up or cause chills and dry eyes. According to the hosts of the show, the girl “surpassed herself.” Impressed by what they heard, they posted a fragment of a conversation with a tourist on social networks, where members of the public expressed opposite opinions about it. For example, there were such unflattering comments:

  • “You pay for the seat and it reclines, I use it. It's not rude, it's just what you paid for and it's economy.”
  • “Is it impolite to recline a seat on a plane that I paid for??? This is news to me.”
  • “If you sit in your seat, just mind your own business, how does the reclined seat bother you? They probably move back 5 cm.”
  • “If you want to sit up straight, why does losing 5 cm bother us so much?”

However, others agreed with Fiona and said they hate it when people lean back in their chair:

  • “Those 5 cm make it impossible for me to continue sitting when you are 183 cm tall. I can barely fit my long legs under the back, so when someone reclines the seat, my knees literally bruise. I never recline out of respect for the person behind me, even if they are of average height. Especially if they are tall. It's easy to be considerate of others when you're in public.”
  • “The fault of the airlines is that they cram too many seats into the cabin.”

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