Announced what Russian tourists will face at European airports in May and June

Announced what Russian tourists will face at European airports in May and June

Russian tourists continue to fly to Europe, despite no direct flights. However, in May and June, they will face new challenges: the tourism sector is no longer dealing with the pandemic, but it is certainly dealing with its consequences, which are superimposed on rising oil prices, and now also on the strikes taking place throughout Europe.< /p>

According to the Schengenvisainfo portal, due to mass protests that will cover at least four countries, Russians will face forced changes in their vacation plans. To understand the scale of the problem, the well-known low-cost carrier Ryanair cited some figures: due to 50-day strikes by air traffic controllers across Europe, from January to April, 3.7 thousand flights were disrupted and the plans of more than 666 thousand passengers were disrupted.

Here is a list of states where protests are expected in the coming days and weeks:

  1. Belgium. On Monday, May 22, employees of the transportation sector will take to the streets to protest against encroachments on the rights of workers and social dumping. Buses, trams and metro are expected to be disrupted. It is recommended to check with the main transport operator in Brussels (STIB-MIVB) for possible delays and schedule changes.
  2. Spain. Airline pilots are protesting against the actions of the Department of Transportation. Actions of indignation should begin on May 22, on Monday. Strikes and flight delays are expected until Friday, May 26, and their continuation on May 29, 30, June 1 and 2. Possible joining of other categories of workers in the protests.
  3. Italy. Trade union strikes postponed to June 4 due to floods in Emilia-Romagna. However, two unions, CUB and USB, have continued to protest since May 19 against unstable work contracts and low wages, causing Italy's flag carrier ITA to cancel 113 domestic flights and passengers to find other ways to leave. Domestic flight cancellations and flight delays are expected in May and June. A general strike is planned for May 26, which could affect the operation of trams, metro and buses, and possibly flights too.
  4. France. Locals take to the streets, declaring their disagreement with the reform to increase the retirement age. The next strike dates are scheduled for June 6 and 8. Possible flight cancellations and closures of tourist routes.

What should tourists traveling to the region do? Passengers are advised to be prepared for possible flight delays and cancellations, and keep an eye out for updates from airlines and transport operators as protests, which often turn into powerful and protracted clashes, can negatively affect travel and visits to European countries in general.

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