Another country has tightened visa rules for Russians, dissatisfied with their dominance

Another country has tightened visa rules for Russians, dissatisfied with their dominance

Russian “relocators”, who enter on a tourist visa and not only do not bring money, but also “squeeze” jobs from the citizens of the country, have caused discontent among the authorities of another popular resort country. We are talking about India, which has tightened visa rules for Russians – it has not yet reached the abolition of the electronic visa, but the deadlines have already been reduced. Tourist market experts openly stated that this measure is a way to deal with Russian “downshifters” and “relocators”.

The measure is as follows: in India, the period of stay of Russians on electronic tourist visas was limited to 180 days a year. Previously, the total duration of rest on an electronic tour visa was not limited. At the same time, the period of continuous stay for Russian citizens on electronic tourist visas has not changed and is 90 days. The Labor Code of the Russian Embassy in India specifically emphasized that the changes also apply to issued visas.

“The local authorities in India are taking all possible measures to ensure that our temporary migrants do not take away the work of local citizens employed in the tourism industry, and that tourists who receive a tourist visa really spend money, contribute to the country's economy. This should not affect ordinary tourists in any way, ”commented the situation in an interview with Business-FM.

founder and CEO of the tour operator “Art Tour” Dmitry Arutyunov. According to him, even before all the political changes, the resort of Goa was known as “a popular vacation spot for hippy youth”, who rented an apartment in Moscow or St. Petersburg and spent the winter in Goa with the proceeds. But after September and the “relocation” from partial mobilization, the number of such young people – and for the most part not very money – already began to go off scale.

“The average tourist who travels along the so-called Golden Triangle – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur – lives in decent hotels, spends money on excursions, on transport, on beautiful dinners, on wedding ceremonies. And people who have a rest in Goa practically do not spend money. Some of them even try to earn some money in the tourism industry,” Dmitry Arutyunov added.

The expert recalled a similar story in Bali. Recall that it has already reached the point that the head of Bali, Vayan Koster, wanted to tighten visa requirements specifically for Russian tourists and even proposed to stop issuing visas on arrival for them. He has already sent the corresponding request and the initiative set out on paper to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia. The reason is the same relocants who are trying to make money on the island while staying there on a tourist visa – and this is prohibited by law; Yes, and other violations of the order are registered behind them. True, this measure has not yet been introduced – they still do not want to reduce the Russian tourist flow to Bali. Read the details here.

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