Another tour operator starts flights to Antalya: schedules and prices announced

Another tour operator launches flights to Antalya: schedules and prices announced

transfer from Azur Air charters to regular flights for tourists from the regions was presented by the Intourist tour operator. According to the tour operator, the program starts on April 29. The details are as follows.

“From 29.04.22, the daily flight program from Moscow to Antalya starts, Turkish Airlines TK 4012 and TK 4016 Boeing 737-800. We offer the transfer of applications from Azur Air to Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow (changes are made in the same application),” Intourist said. Tourists are offered three options:

  • With an additional payment from the list below without changing the dates, duration and composition of participants.
  • If there are no more places on the same date, transfer to the next flight with recalculation of the price according to the old SPO with an additional payment from the list below.
  • < li>In case of disagreement with the transfer, tourists can keep the ground service (hotel + insurance) in the application or cancel the application themselves (cancellation without actually incurred costs).

The amount of surcharges for round-trip tickets from the regions for transferring applications from Azur Air to Turkish Airlines flights from Moscow, the tour operator presented the following:

  • Moscow – 276 euros/person net
  • < li>Chelyabinsk – 276 EUR/person net

  • N. Novgorod – 276 EUR/person net
  • Krasnodar – 350 EUR/person net
  • Samara – 276 EUR/person net
  • Saratov – 276 EUR/person net< /li>
  • Kazan – 276 EUR/person net
  • St. Petersburg – 276 EUR/person net
  • Vladikavkaz – 350 EUR/person net
  • Omsk – 276 EUR/person net
  • Novosibirsk – 276 EUR/person net
  • Rostov-on-Don – 320 EUR/person net
  • Yekaterinburg – 276 EUR/person net
  • Tyumen – 276 EUR /person net
  • Ufa – 276 euros/person net
  • Voronezh – 320 euros/person net

Intourist also urged travel agents to inform tourists about this change and write down the decision in the application no later than 04/18/22.

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