Antalya has found a replacement for Russian tourists: hotels began to fill up rapidly

Antalya found a replacement for Russian tourists: hotels began to fill up rapidly

Tourists from Europe filled the hotels of Antalya – this information was announced by the Turkish media. They reported that only in the resort of Manavgat, the official season of which started on April 15, more than 30 hotels were filled before May 1 due to the rush booking of tourists from Germany, Europe and the UK.

According to local hoteliers, the results of the previously largest markets – Russian and Ukrainian – are disappointing so far. But German, British and other European tourists are encouraging their results. By the way, it's time for Easter holidays in Europe.

For example, Turkiye Turizm quoted Aziz Guneli, the owner of Unser Tour Tourism, as saying: “As a result of all the political events, Antalya has suffered greatly. But in Manavgat, designed for 300,000 beds, 75% of the hotels accept European and German tourists. And only 25% accepts tourists from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries. The tourist season in Manavgat starts on April 15 – and more than 30 hotels are already full before May 1 due to German, European and British tourist bookings. The occupancy rate is full,” he said.

By the way, local businessmen are also satisfied. Muzaffer Büyük, president of the Manavgat Grand Bazaar Relief and Solidarity Association, literally stated: “The activity of German, European and British tourists coming to the covered bazaar over the past 10 days has brought a smile to the faces of the merchants. This has increased our hopes for tourism.”

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