Antalya hotel drugged tourists with counterfeit alcohol

In Antalya, a hotel sold tourists with counterfeit alcohol

Another hotel that sold tourists with counterfeit alcohol was “opened” at a resort beloved by Russian tourists in Turkey. In the Manavgat district in Antalya, during the next raid of the gendarmerie, over 400 liters of counterfeit alcohol were found in the hotel, Ordu Olay reports. At the same time, apparently, the owner not only soldered tourists with a fake, but also sold it to other hotel owners.

According to the publication, there was a signal that illegal counterfeit alcohol was being sold at a hotel located in the Manavgat district. As a result, the intelligence department of the Antalya Provincial Gendarmerie Department and the Manavgat District Gendarmerie Department undertook an operation. During the search, 428 liters of counterfeit alcohol were found. In addition, 207 empty bottles of liquor were confiscated – mainly from high-quality imported spirits and 383 corks from branded alcoholic beverages.

The counterfeit was confiscated. The suspects in connection with the incident were taken into custody. The police are investigating, among other things, where the counterfeit was supplied.

Recall that the most high-profile counterfeiting case, which directly and tragically affected Russian tourism, happened far before the current crisis: on May 27, 2011, participants in promotional tours for travel agencies organized by tour operators Mostravel and Coral died because of “scorched” alcohol. travel”. The day after the Evening Yacht excursion, most of the participants were hospitalized with suspected methyl alcohol poisoning. On May 30, one of the participants in the ill-fated cruise, Maria Chaliapin, died in the hospital of the Antalya resort. Following her, Aigul Zalyaeva died, and on May 31, a third girl, 20-year-old Marina Sheveleva, died in a Moscow hospital. A week later, Russian Alexander Zhuchkov died in a hospital in the Turkish city of Pamukkale, who was diagnosed by doctors with severe alcohol intoxication, which led to cardiac arrest. The perpetrators received prison terms of up to 90 years. Read the details at this link.

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