Are Russians expected in Turkey in 2022? What attitude to the Russians in Turkey.

Are Russians expected in Turkey in 2022? What is the attitude towards Russians in Turkey.

Due to the current situation in the world, many Russian tourists doubt whether it is worth flying abroad for vacations. People believe that in a number of countries they began to treat Russians badly. In this article, we will talk about how Russians are now treated in Turkey and whether it is possible to fly to this country on vacation.

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Let's start with the fact that “technically” Of course, you can fly to Turkey on vacation – there are direct flights from different cities of Russia, citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to visit Turkey and all the same covid restrictions apply as before (a PCR test or a vaccination certificate is required for entry) . In other words, there are no barriers to visiting Turkey.

But, some tourists are concerned about the other side of the question – what is the attitude towards Russians in Turkey now and is the risk of discrimination too great?

Here it is worth paying attention not only to private opinion, but also to study the reviews of tourists who have already visited Turkey this year. After reading the stories of people on vacation or who have recently been on vacation in Turkey, we can conclude that, in general, the attitude towards Russians has not changed there. In the resort areas, especially, everything is still the same.

It should be remembered that absolutely in any country you can run into a person with xenophobic sentiments and no one is immune from this. Turkey has always been quite safe and it still is. The Russians quietly fly on vacation, not particularly encountering problems.

Therefore, we believe that it is possible to go on holiday in Turkey this year. What do you think? Write in the comments.

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