At a famous resort, residents have come up with a clever new way to drive foreign tourists away.

At the famous resort, residents have come up with a clever new way to drive foreign tourists away

An ingenious way to deal with foreign tourists was tested by an initiative group of local residents on the beaches of the famous resort. In Mallorca, on the beach of Manacora, a very interesting group of posters was posted.

Some of them, according to the Spanish press, were in English. Bright yellow posters in English announced that swimming was not allowed or recommended. For example, one warned of “dangerous jellyfish.” And everything would be fine if, in parallel with these posters, messages in Catalan were not posted – they, in turn, reported that this was “disinformation”, and there was no danger.

Responsibility for misinforming tourists was claimed by Manacor Caterva, an association that opposes mass gatherings of tourists. Their statement emphasizes that the only danger is “mass tourism”. The posters, the group added, were tinged with humor.

But in general, the initiative group does not find the situation funny. “Majorca is suffering from overcrowding. All the bays of the Balearic Islands have been expropriated by tourism. The usurpation of bays is yet another expression of how capitalism exploits such economic activities as tourism, pushing it to the extreme, draining the land without hindrance, and extracting the maximum surplus value from the workers, with the full complicity of certain municipalities and governments, present and past.” also said the initiators of the action.

Recall that as soon as the pandemic died down with its closures, places popular with tourists began to resent “overtourism” again. So, Venice returned to the slogan “please don’t come”. They said that the days of cultural tourists who visited the famous cities of the world for their architectural masterpieces and museums are over. The main guests of Venice now are one-day “bydlotourists”, for whom it is important to note that they have been to Venice, and from the whole city they know just a couple of places where they create unbearable crowds. At the same time, these tourists also have problems with the rules of “human hostel”. According to the Italian media, the city worker Diego Necifrovo, whose task is to monitor and issue warnings to violating tourists. “It’s not so rare that I see tourists throwing cigarette butts, chips packs right into the canals and walking around without T-shirts, as if on the beach. But there have been worse cases. One day, a family of tourists sat down right in front of the Doge's Palace and began to have a picnic. Another tourist fell into the water right in front of my eyes – he was so passionate about trying to take a good photo, ”said the expert. Read more here.

At the same time, “overtourism” knows no boundaries. Everywhere suffers from excessive numbers of tourists. “Limit with Police”, for example, are planning a visit to Japan's most famous landmark. Local authorities said on Wednesday they will limit the number of tourists on the route to climb the famous Mount Fuji if it becomes dangerous due to crowds. Read about it in this material.

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