At sea in June 2022, where to fly?

We tell you about the main destinations where you can relax at sea in the summer of 2022.


At sea in June 2022, where to fly?

June is the peak of high season in Turkey. At this time, the air during the day warms up on average from +29 to +35 degrees (depending on the resort), and the water from +24 to +27 degrees.

The hottest resorts in Turkey are Kemer, Alanya, Belek, Side. If you can't stand the heat well, we recommend heading to Marmaris or Fethiye.

To enter Turkey, you will need a PCR test or a vaccination certificate.

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Daytime air temperature in Egypt in June can rise +37 degrees and even at night it rarely drops below +25 degrees.

Diving, snorkeling and just those who like to relax on clean sandy beaches will enjoy Egypt.

PCR is required to enter Egypt test or vaccination certificate.

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At sea in June 2022, where to fly?

Abkhazia has incredibly beautiful nature and good beaches. The infrastructure is less developed than in Turkey or Egypt, as well as a smaller selection of hotels. Nevertheless, in Abkhazia you can have a great rest for little money. If the most important thing for you is nature and climate, and not infrastructure, then you can safely fly to Abkhazia.

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At sea in June 2022, where to fly?

This year, many tourists choose to vacation in Russia. In fact, tours to Russian resorts are not much cheaper than to Turkey or Egypt. But, if you feel more comfortable while relaxing in Russia, then feel free to buy a ticket to .

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