Attitude towards Russians, features of All inclusive, payment by cards: new features of holidays in Turkey revealed

Attitude towards Russians, features of All inclusive, payment by cards: new features of holidays in Turkey revealed

How refer to Russian tourists in hotels in Turkey? How do they get into the country now? Is it possible to pay for purchases with a MIR card or are there problems? These and other questions were revealed to anxious tourists “in the first person.”

We are really talking about the atmosphere in the all-inclusive hotel – which was presented by experts from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) who have been on such a trip. We are talking about the Xanadu Resort High Class 5 * hotel, as well as the situation in Antalya – its shopping center, grocery stores, attractions, etc.

  1. First of all, tourists were reassured – no one will force them to follow the “covid” rules on vacation. The masks have been cancelled. But the documents for entry – although “through time” they can still be asked. The “regular” buffet was returned to hotels, social distancing on the beach and in restaurants, especially since thermometers and sanitizers are a thing of the past. According to experts, only one restriction has been preserved, and that part of the tourists he needs – “loud” events with music should end before 12 at night, in hotels at 23:00 the music is muted, and by midnight everything ends. Masks are also not needed in the city, they are not required in shops, in transport too, but they may suddenly ask in public institutions – for example, in a bank.
  2. The second point of concern, which was also reassured, is the “moral” consequences of the sanctions. What is the current attitude towards Russians abroad? In the hotel itself – excellent, ATOR experts assured: “no hostility or signs of a change in attitude were noticed, and from any side.” There are still a lot of Russian-speaking employees, guests from Europe prefer not to spoil their vacation with politics, and the atmosphere of a “friendly international” reigns in the hotel, although representatives of 31 countries are resting there – however, it is not specified about Ukraine. The city also did not notice any changes in relation to the Russians – but it is possible the other way around. The narrators assured that they met a “Russian-speaking Turkish delight dealer”, who “suddenly burst into a long speech in support of our country.” For some tourists, this, of course, can be traumatic …
  3. The third question is about the practical consequences of the sanctions. How to pay, how to pay, what about the MIR card? Eyewitnesses also reassure: “MIR” is accepted, though not everywhere, but “payment terminals of banks are hastily installed.” Cash can also be withdrawn without any problems. But to issue a Turkish Visa and Mastercard without a residence permit will not work. As for the “air sanctions”, flights to Turkey have really lengthened – it takes 5.5 hours to fly on Russian airlines, 4.5 hours on Turkish ones, the food is generally not bad, but “you need to check with the travel agent.”

“Under the current conditions of international restrictions, Turkey hardly has many competitors. Flights by both Russian and Turkish airlines, the virtual absence of covid bans, guaranteed long summer from May to November with extremely rare weather whims, warm sea, all-inclusive system, excellent attitude towards Russians, the ability to pay with Mir cards, and Turkey as air transportation expands, it gradually becomes cheaper in some segments, ”ATOR experts assured and quoted prices for 4 * from 320 thousand in April, the price dropped to 252 thousand for four people.

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