Attractions in Malta: Top 20

Malta Attractions: Top 20

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Are you going on a trip? Do you dream of visiting some island? Then it will not hurt you to get acquainted with the information about the sights of Malta, perhaps this direction will interest you. If we talk about the resort itself, the archipelago is located in the Mediterranean Sea, namely on the south side of the island of Sicily. The state includes as many as five parts of the land surrounded by water, some of them are uninhabited. So what to see in Malta? We will talk about this, below is an extensive list of interesting places that are worthy of attention.

What to see in Malta first of all?

If you are planning a long trip, you need to think through all its details. This applies not only to the place of stay, what you will eat, but also which places to visit. In order not to lose sight of the main attractions of the Republic, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the rating of the most famous places today.

1. St. Anthony Botanical Garden

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Path in the botanical garden of St. Anthony

Inspection of interesting places is better to start with an acquaintance with an island of vegetation, located near a natural reservoir. Here you will get acquainted with the most exotic trees, flowers and shrubs. It was opened to tourists in 1882. Reviews about this place are only positive. Literally everything in it delights – graceful sidewalks, decorative ponds with swans, sculptures. The plants in the garden are collected from all over the world, and some were planted in the ground more than 300 years ago. Any tourist will be interested in getting to know the botanical garden.

2. Azure Window

Sights of Malta: Top 20

Azure Window on the island of Gozo

There is a naturally formed arch on the island of Gozo, which is a real miracle of nature. Unfortunately, under the influence of external factors, the Azure Window is gradually crumbling. This means that being close to him can be dangerous. However, this place remains a great scenery for filming. Not far from the arch are other attractions of Malta of natural origin.

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3. Upper Barrakka Gardens Lookout

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Observation deck of the Upper Barrakka Gardens

Her photo is not difficult to find on the Internet, because the place is really interesting. In terms of the number of visitors, the Upper Barrakka Gardens are ahead of many attractions in Malta. There are not only rare species of flowers and trees that are planted in tiers. Attention is also attracted by various statues, cannon artillery. There is a tradition on the island: to shoot cannons at noon, it is still observed. From the top point, an indescribable view opens up, not only on the outskirts of the capital of the state, but also on other cities, Grand Harbor Bay.

Official website: http://www.cityofvalletta< /p>

4. Mdina

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Mdina Museum City

Among the best attractions is the former capital of the archipelago. This is a fortified settlement with a rich history. It is approximately 4 thousand years old, the total area is slightly more than 1 km², the population is 300 people. A settlement was built on a rock, and a stone wall was erected around it. What else to visit in Malta?

5. Ghar Dalam cave

Sights of Malta: Top 20

View of Ghar Dalam Cave Sudika

It is formed by mountains located on the southeast coast. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century, and then it was found that it includes several layers. Among them, even the remains of animals were found, which were unique in their kind, human bones. Samples of art are considered interesting finds. Tourists can only see the first 50 m of the 144 m cave. At the entrance there is a museum with interesting exhibits. Excursions in Malta are often organized in this direction.

Feel the atmosphere of Malta in this beautiful video!

6. Basilica of Our Lady of Ta-Pinu

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Basilica of Our Lady of Ta Pinu

What to see in Malta in 1 day? Visit the Catholic Church, which is located on the island of Gozo. Once upon a time there was a chapel of the 16th century in its place, but in 1920 the construction of a modern church began, it lasted 11 years. The building rises in the middle of the countryside, in the district there are hills. As the guides of Malta say, this is a vivid example of the technical use of local stone. The interior decoration is represented by paintings carved from natural stone, mosaics, friezes of the nave.

7. Megalithic temple complex Mnajdra

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Unique view of the megalithic temple complex Mnajdra

His image is on small coins. Buildings for worship are located in the southern part of the country, right on the Mediterranean coast. It is not known when Mnajdra was erected, approximately it happened in 3600 BC. Strong coral limestone was used as the main building material. It is characterized by resistance to water, sunlight. In order to protect from negative weather conditions, the complex is covered with a tent. It is open to the public, but it is difficult to appreciate the greatness of the megalith here.

8. Laskaris Bunker

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Board indicators and code words – Laskaris bunker exhibits Lisa Aimi

This attraction is located in the city of Valletta. It includes a whole system of tunnels built underground. At one time, separate rooms were made in them, they are interconnected by passages. During World War II, the main headquarters was located in the Laskaris bunker. His activities then consisted in planning military operations, managing during their implementation. In 2009, it became available to the public, after a while a museum was opened on its basis.

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9. Casa Rossa Piccola

Malta Attractions: Top 20

One of the rooms of the Casa Rossa Piccola Jeff Marquis

What else to see in Malta? One of the last palaces built in Valletta deserves attention. At one time, knightly orders were ordered to build a city that could compete with European capitals. Then numerous palaces appeared, one of which was Casa Rossa Piccola. And today the castle is privately owned, but at the same time it is open to the public. The interior is characterized by rich furniture, a collection of antique dishes and paintings.

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10. Museum classic cars

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Exposition of the Jaguar Classic Car Museum at Czech Wikipedia

This place is interesting because it offers an unusual exhibition consisting of samples of vehicles from the golden fund of the world's automotive industry. The description says that tourists are offered the opportunity to see classic cars that breathe history. This is a great opportunity to see how far progress has come.

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11. Lower Barakka Gardens

Malta Attractions: Top 20

A green corner of the lower gardens of Barakka

This is a great place for a walk, quiet, cozy, because few tourists get here. The surrounding atmosphere encourages you to collect your thoughts, allows you to enjoy magnificent views and peace. In the Lower Barrakka Gardens, you should pay attention to the monument to Alexander Bell, which looks like an ancient temple. It was built as a token of gratitude to the commander who led the uprising against the French. The described attraction was made in honor of the heroes who died during the World War.

Official website: http://www.cityofvalletta

12. Fort St. Angelo

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Panorama of Fort St. Angelo

Military fortification located in the city of Birgu. It is believed that it was built during the Roman Empire. During the existence of the fort, it was repeatedly rebuilt and strengthened. Its latest addition is considered to be the tower, the remains of which date back to the 11th century. A certain part of the fortification is used as a military museum.

13. St. Paul's Cathedral (Mdina)

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Catholic Cathedral of St. Paul (Mdina)

This is a Catholic large church built in the period 1697-1702. The place was not chosen by chance, it was there that the first bishop of the archipelago met the Apostle Paul. It is believed that he landed on the island after a shipwreck.

Official website: http://www.maltacultureguide

14. Mjarr

Malta Attractions: Top 20

The bay and the small village of Mgarr

This landmark of Malta is also known as Imjarr. This is a small village in the northwestern part of the state. Local residents are mainly engaged in agriculture, namely on farms, vineyards in the area. A feature of Mjarra is the presence of archaeological sites that are included in the UNESCO list.

15. Armstrong cannon

Malta Attractions: Top 20

The Armstrong cannon is an active McKarri artillery piece

Cannon “Armstrong”. Continuing the review of interesting places in the archipelago, I would like to mention the Armstrong cannon. This is a military weapon weighing more than 90 tons, capable of firing at a distance of 6.5 km. There is a cannon in Fort Rinella, which is not far from the fortified capital of Valletta.

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Malta Attractions : what else to visit in Malta?

Going on vacation, try to learn about the country as much as possible. For example, where can you go in Malta? You can visit unique restaurants like La Maltija in Paceville or Fumia in Valletta. Not bad is also the cafe Portomaso. It would not be superfluous to look at the rating of establishments, such information is freely available on the Internet.

Let's return to the main thing, what to visit in Malta, what are the significant places?

16. Golden Bay Beach< /h3>

Malta Attractions: Top 20 Top 20

Charming sandy beach of Golden Bay

The sandy beach of Golden Bay is considered one of the most popular on the island. It is located on the northwestern coast, characterized by spaciousness, good facilities, marked with the Blue Flag. On the beach you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also engage in water sports, have picnics and even parties. Golden Bay is known for undercurrents in winter due to unstable weather conditions. It is easy to get to the place of rest, because there is public transport, but you can also rent a car.

17. Spinola Bay

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Yachts in Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay – it is located in one of the most picturesque and lively resorts called San Julias. It gives a special look to the panorama of the city, there are practically no buildings near the bay. Here there was a place for a large number of ducks, which are admired not only by locals, but also by guests of the country. The most beautiful views can be observed in the bay during sunset.

18. Blue Grotto

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Romantic and majestic Blue Grotto

If you are one of the easy-going people, then the Blue Grotto is for you. Getting to it is not so easy, but believe me, the sight you see is worth it. We are talking about a whole complex of sea caves, which are located near the village of Krendi, namely in the southern part of the state. Under the rays of the sun, the water acquires a bright blue color, which shimmers with a wide variety of shades. The total depth of the grotto is 45 m. This place was chosen by the British military, who loved to relax there with their families. Often this attraction of Malta can be found in movies. It is interesting to know that the authorities set a limit on her visit. On the day, the cave complex can be visited by no more than 25 boats with tourists on board. The reason for this is the complex relief, intense sea waves in the described area. Here you can not only admire the unusual shades of water, the unique form of rock formations, but also climb them, go diving.

Official website: http://www.bluegrottomalta. com

19. Palace of the Grand Master

Malta Attractions: Top 20

The interior of the palace of Grand Master Marie-Lan Nguyen

The Palace of the Grand Master is another place that you can read about in the recommendations for traveling to the island nation. Once it belonged to the knights, then to the British, and now it is the residence of the president and parliament of the described country. Its visit is absolutely free for everyone, but only in free time from government meetings. In appearance, the palace is rated as ascetic, but inside everything looks very rich. The palace, which stood for several centuries, was built in 1575. The developer of the construction plan was the local architect Girolamo Cassar, the interior was painted under the direction of Nicolau Nasoni. Outwardly, a large public building was made in the style of the 16th century. Visiting it, you will definitely be delighted. What is the famous Council Hall with expensive tapestries worth. At one time they were specially woven and brought from France. While relaxing at the resort, do not miss the opportunity to admire the exquisite frescoes, portraits of the rulers of a European state. If you wish, you can visit the weapons museum. It is located in the basement of the building. The presented collection is considered one of the largest in the world.

20. Khal-Saflieni Hypogeum

Malta Attractions: Top 20

Underground hall of the middle level of the temple Hypogeum Hal-Saflieni xiquinhosilva

Hypogeum Hal-Saflieni – is a megalithic underground sanctuary on the island, namely in the city of Paola. Its peculiarity is that it consists of 34 rooms, which are hollowed out in the thickness of limestone. The dungeon has been deservedly considered a World Heritage Site since 1980. There are reasons to think that a communal burial ground functioned in the hypogeum, and for many years. Throughout their lives, the ancient inhabitants made more and more new corridors, grottoes. The dead were buried in them. Due to this, the area of ​​the complex underground reached 480 m². What's up with this place now? After reconstruction, a modern foyer was equipped in the dungeon, implying the presence of a cafe, a video hall, partitions, metal stairs, and a lighting system. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take pictures in the hypogeum, the reason is unclear.

In conclusion

Concluding the review, I would like to say that the described archipelago is the place on planet Earth that, if possible, is really worth visiting. It is truly rich in interesting places, of which there are about 265 in total. Hotels in Malta are also not a problem, a room can be booked long before departure to the island. For this, there are special sites, such as It provides the most detailed, and most importantly, reliable information about places where you can settle down and spend an unforgettable vacation in comfort.

The cost usually depends on the living conditions, included services, and, of course, the chosen resort. You can stay in Valletta, Mellieha, Schaar, St. Julians and more. In any case, you need to plan a trip in advance in order to spend time as interesting, useful and comfortable as possible. Read also about the best sights of Monaco and get inspired for your next trip to Europe!

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