Attractions of Bratislava: Top 20

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

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Slovakia in general and this city in particular are unfairly underestimated. Yes, the sights of Bratislava do not meet tourists in large numbers. But we will tell you what to see in Bratislava if you are passing through here or visiting this city for a few days. The city is adjacent to Vienna, Budapest and Prague are nearby, so if possible, consider before the trip the sights of Bratislava with names and descriptions and include it in your itinerary.

What to see in Bratislava first of all


After the collapse of Czechoslovakia, it was Bratislava that was unlucky, because most of the sights remained in the Czech Republic. But this does not mean that the capital of Slovakia has nothing to surprise tourists with. We will tell you what to visit in Bratislava, where to go and where to relax.

1. Bratislava Old Town

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

Narrow winding streets of the Old Town of Bratislava

Very atmospheric place, the pride of the city. Many sights of Bratislava are located here, surrounded by interesting buildings.

Guests of the city leave rave reviews about this place, noting the amazing contrast between dilapidated and restored streets. We recommend visiting a literary cafe with artistically painted ceilings, tasting tea liquor and taking an hour-long retro-style car tour.

2. Main Square

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Christmas market on the central square in the Old Town of Bratislava

The center of the Old Town is an interesting place in Bratislava, its hallmark. The architectural ensemble surprises with a mixture of styles: Gothic, Classicism, and Baroque. Once trade flourished here, today it is a place for idle festivities with shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants. On the square stands the Roland Fountain, about which there are legends. On holidays, festivals, fairs and exhibitions are held on the square. On New Year's Eve and Christmas, Christmas events are held, a skating rink opens.

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Monument to plumber Chumil or “onlooker” » – an integral part of the Slovak capital

An original monument with a double meaning, which is worth seeing in Bratislava in 1 day. It is dedicated not only to the profession, but also to the memory of the wartime, when the inhabitants of the city hid in sewer manholes from the bombings. Twice careless drivers demolished the head of the monument, so now there is a warning sign next to it. They say that if you rub his nose, you will be lucky. It's worth the experiment!

4. Old Town Hall

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Main Square and Old Town Hall in Bratislava

The oldest work of architectural art, erected in the XIV century. Listing the main attractions of Bratislava briefly, we will give him one of the first positions on the list. The Gothic style was supplemented over time with elements of the Baroque and Renaissance, and the new wing, added at the beginning of the last century, bears traces of the Neo-Renaissance and Neo-Gothic. The corner tower has been preserved almost in its original form. The roof decorated with mosaics deserves special attention.

Official website: http://muzeum.bratislava.

5. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Bratislava Castle is located on the slopes of the Carpathians near the banks of the Danube

The monumental quadrangular building, rising on a cliff, embodies the entire history of Slovakia. The National Museum is equipped within its walls, various exhibitions are held, and a beautiful park is laid out in the courtyard. The tower is reached by a difficult climb along the cobblestone road, which is worth climbing to admire panoramic views of the city and the Danube from the terrace and towers. The castle has recently been renovated.

See the wonderful views of Bratislava in this exciting video!

6. Devin Castle

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

The Maiden's Tower of the Devin Castle over the Danube River in Bratislava

We will advise what to see in Bratislava for lovers of ancient history. From the castle, settled on a sheer cliff, more than once there were ruins, on which the fortress was subsequently built. The building underwent restoration, as a result, the castle acquired its former majestic appearance. However, tourists still view the remains of the Roman fortress with interest. At the foot of the castle there is a wine-growing village, where guests are shown cellars and wine rooms. Climbing up to the surviving tower, you can watch how the waters of two rivers mix at the foot.

Official website: http://muzeum.bratislava

7. Palace Primate

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

The Archbishop's Palace on Primus Square in the Old Town of Bratislava

The palace is considered the most beautiful in Bratislava. It is impossible to pass by the pink and gold neoclassical façade, decorated with a coat of arms, without admiring it. The crown of the building, emphasizing its monumentality, was the hat of a cardinal of enormous size. In the interior, the Hall of Mirrors deserves special attention, where the Emperor of Austria and Napoleon signed a peace agreement. On the walls are tapestries by Flemish masters. In the courtyard there is a fountain of St. George, one of the oldest in the city.

Official website: https://www.visitbratislava

8. Grassalkovich Palace< /h3>

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Residence of the President of Slovakia and a fountain with a ball in the palace park

Would you like to see the residence of the President of Slovakia? She resides in this palace. Tourist reviews, in addition to the elegant building, mention a beautiful fountain with a ball in the center, installed in front of the palace. Previously, royal receptions and balls were held here, today it performs other functions. Perhaps, for the Presidential Palace, although beautiful, it is too modest, but this rather speaks in favor of the country's leader.

9. Mikhailovsky Gates

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Medieval St. Michael's Gate Jorge Láscar

These gates are all that remains of the ancient city fortifications built in the 14th century. It is believed that the city begins with them. If you are thinking where to go in Bratislava for the rest of your time, you should join its ancient architecture. Under the arch you will see the zero meridian with distances to the capitals of neighboring states. The gate serves as a certain landmark for everyone, visible from everywhere.

Official website: https://www.visitbratislava

10. St. Martin's Cathedral

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

View of St. Martin's Cathedral across the Danube River in Bratislava

When in the thirteenth century built city fortifications, the cathedral was part of them. Only in the middle of the XV century. he was consecrated. The cathedral received a high rating in guidebooks due to its Gothic architecture: in appearance it resembles the Viennese church. From below, the gilded crown of St. Stephen crowning the tower on the roof is hardly visible, but inside you can see magnificent frescoes and stained-glass windows, which generously decorate the interior of the cathedral.

Official website:

11. Church of St. Elizabeth

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Church of St. Elizabeth or the Blue Church – a Catholic church in the Old Town

Considering the best sights of Bratislava, you will definitely come across a mention of this church. It is called a romantic temple due to the delicate color scheme of the walls and elegant Art Nouveau architecture. The building resembles a gingerbread house from a fairy tale, covered with icing. The impression is enhanced in spring, when apple and sakura trees bloom around. Inside, the same harmony and beauty.

12. St. Stephen's Capuchin Church

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

Column with the figure of the Virgin Mary in front of the main entrance to St. Stephen's Church on Župna Square

A rather strict style was chosen for the construction. The facade is not luxurious, except that the entrance is decorated with a small arch. The interior, although it shines with gilding, is also quite simple. When traveling around the city, you will definitely see it, it is impossible to pass by without attention. In the vast courtyard in front of the church there is a column with a sculpture of the Madonna, and Bratislava Castle is perfectly visible from the square.

13. Franciscan Church

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Entrance to the Franciscan Catholic Church in Bratislava Lure

Another attraction in the Old Town. The Catholic church has repeatedly endured fires and earthquakes, today we see only a part of the original structure. The relics are the relics of St. Reparat, a preacher of the 4th century. Outwardly, the temple looks ascetic, but no expense was spared on the interior decoration.

14. Slovak National Theatre

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

The old building of the Slovak National Theater on Hviezdoslav Square

Another building in the neo-Renaissance style is very attractive in appearance and has an opera hall, although small, but adequately decorated. The persistent recommendations of tourists relate to performances that are worth going to. Dostoevsky is often staged here, excellent acting is noted. In September, you can get to the open day and go backstage and more.

Official website:

15. Philharmonic Building

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

Slovak Philharmonic in the center of Bratislava on Hviezdoslav Square

The building, built in the Habsburg era, is located in the city center. For relatively inexpensive tickets, you can get to a concert of classical music, a chamber orchestra, family and children's performances. Performances are subtitled in three languages, including English. Tickets are more profitable to book on the official website of the Philharmonic. Around are hotels in Bratislava, many of which have a very original design in terms of color and architectural solutions.

Official website: http://www.filharmonia.

Bratislava attractions: what else to visit in Bratislava?

The city is located near the Austrian border, therefore, relaxing in Vienna , you can go on some excursions in Bratislava, walk along its streets, considering the process of the revival of the post-Soviet country.

16. Nedbalka Gallery

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Facade of the city art gallery Nedbalka in Bratislava

Perhaps in the capital of every country there are galleries with paintings of artistic value. The sights of Slovakia also include the local gallery, known for its unique collection of national paintings. You will not find the works of outstanding masters here, but the paintings by little-known artists are quite interesting.

Official website:

17. Slavin Memorial

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

The Slavin memorial complex is dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers during World War II

The complex is impressive in appearance. This is a well-groomed cemetery with a large territory and excellent views from the hill, in the center there is a memorial column, which lists the cities of Slovakia in the order of their liberation. An information stand and guides in Bratislava will tell you about the history of this place. The memorial is a place of mourning, eternal memory, pride of the Slovak people.

18. Bratislava Zoo

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Monkey Pavilion at the Bratislava Zoo

The zoo has a good territory of 96 hectares and more than 1000 species of fauna. Animals are kept either in enclosures or in open areas. Dinopark deserves special attention with interactive exhibits; it is interesting for children to watch how they talk, move their tails and heads. There is a children's complex on the territory.

Official website: http://www.zoobratislava.

19. SNP bridge

Bratislava attractions: Top 20

Night view of the bridge over the Danube in Bratislava illuminated by SNP

The bridge SNP (“Slovak National Uprising”) was built for 5 years and connects parts of the capital. It is unique in terms of the project. In the course of the Danube, it does not have a single support, i.e. 2 supports with a height of almost 85 m are installed on land and 1 in the center of the bridge. It is impossible not to notice it while driving around the city – the total height is 95 m. The width of the bridge is 21 m, divided into 4 traffic lanes and paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

Official website:

20. Apollo Bridge

Sights of Bratislava: Top 20

The Apollo Bridge over the Danube River in Bratislava in the night illumination

The new dominant of the city, its pride, erected in 2005. The bridge is quite complex in its form, in which there are no right angles. It is curved in a huge arch over the Danube and, throwing glare on a sunny day, makes a grandiose impression. The main motorway of the capital passes here.

Even though Bratislava is not a “mustsee” for sophisticated tourists, you can go here. Let it be for a short time, let it be on the way to Vienna or Prague, but a few days of staying in a post-Soviet country, now gradually flourishing, will certainly be interesting.

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