Attractions of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Karlsovy Vary attractions : Top 30

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If you are interested in the best things to do in Karlovy Vary, take a look at this overview. We will tell you what every tourist should see in Karlovy Vary.

First things to see in Karlovy Vary

When compiling our rating “where to go in Karlovy Vary”, we took into account the reviews of travelers and the recommendations of experienced guides. In our general opinion, the following sights and excursions in Karlovy Vary deserve your attention:

1. Springs of Karlovy Vary

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Czech thermal spa Karlovy Vary Juan de Vojnikov

Most tourists make a trip to Karlovy Vary for the treatment of local mineral waters. Healing water has been flowing here for thousands of years, passing through the rocks and being 100% environmentally friendly. It allows you to solve the problem of deficiency of minerals in the body, promotes rejuvenation and healing of a person. Currently, the resort has 13 free and accessible geysers and springs for everyone (some of them are open around the clock). Whatever the sights of the Czech Republic are of interest to you in the first place, you should definitely visit the Karlovy Vary mineral waters.

2. Goethe Lookout Tower

Carlsbad attractions: Top 30

Goethe's observation tower in the suburban forest BíláVrána

The building, which offers an incredibly beautiful view of the entire city. The 42-meter tower is located at an altitude of about 640 meters above sea level, surrounded by an endless forest. In order to climb to the highest point, where the main observation deck is equipped, it is necessary to overcome 165 steps.

3. Diana Lookout Tower and Butterfly House

Karlsovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Diana tower on top of Druzhba hill Oleg Krivolapov

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Tropical garden with live exotic butterflies from all over the world

Visiting such attractions of Karlovy Vary as the Diana Tower is completely free. The top platform can be reached by lift or 150 steps. There is a small restaurant near the tower. Arriving here, it is also worth going to the House with a tropical garden and its butterflies collected from different parts of the world. On an area of ​​one hundred square meters, you will learn and watch how a caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly. It is allowed to take photos and shoot videos.

Official website:

4. Castle Tower

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top -30

Castle Tower above the Market Square Lubor Ferenc

Don't know what to visit in Karlovy Vary, but are passionate about architecture? We recommend to your attention this hunting castle from the time of Charles the Fourth. At the beginning of the 17th century, the building was almost completely destroyed by a strong fire. However, the entire complex has been restored and is now open to tourists. Inside the local tower there is a restaurant with a medieval setting.

5. Mill Colonnade

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

Stone colonnade on the left bank of the Tepla river in the center of the spa area of ​​Karlovy Vary

The largest colonnade of the resort, 13 meters wide and 132 meters long. The facade of the “ancient building” is decorated with sand figures. The vaults of the building are supported by hundreds of columns. In a good time of the year, unforgettable symphonic envelopes are arranged here. But, of course, this object got into our list of “the best attractions of Karlovy Vary” thanks to five hot springs (water temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius). Entrance is free.

Official website: https://www.karlovyvary

See the beautiful views of Karlovy Vary in this breathtaking video!

6. Market Colonnade

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

Swiss-style carved wooden colonnade in the territory of the former market Alena Tučímová

The colonnade under the Castle Tower was built in the 19th century. The wooden building is decorated with carvings. The complex includes three free sources of mineral water. Guides in Karlovy Vary advise you to visit each of them without fail.

Official website: https://www.karlovyvary

7. Geyser Colonnade

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Modern glazed reinforced concrete colonnade in the style of functionalism Juan de Vojníkov

The unique geyser source of healing water throws it up to 12 meters. Walking around the territory, you can drink free chilled mineral water from the fountains (payment is taken only for the glasses themselves). There are organized tours.

Official website:

8. Castle Colonnade

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Castle Colonnade located above the Market Colonnade in the historic center of Franzfoto


What to see in Karlovy Vary in 1 day, being in the center of the resort? This balneary of the 21st century. The main attraction of the colonnade itself is the sculptural composition “Spirit of the Springs”, made of aragonite.

Official website:

9. Garden Colonnade

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

An openwork cast-iron colonnade in the Dvorak Park in Karlovy Vary Juan de Vojníkov

A wonderful landmark that decorates local souvenirs. The colonnade includes only one and the coldest spring of the resort – Serpentine (the temperature of the healing water is approximately 30 degrees Celsius).

Official website: https://www.karlovyvary

10. City Theater

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

Karlovy Vary City Theater on Theater Square Hedwig Storch

A beautiful neo-baroque building with luxurious interiors. The key highlight of the theater is the curtain of the stage, which was painted by the greatest artists of the Czech Republic.

11. Picture gallery

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

The building of the art gallery in Karlovy Vary Mister No

Spacious art complex included in all lists of “interesting places in Karlovy Vary”. The exhibits of the museum are paintings by masters of the second half of the 20th century. Entrance fee.

12. Karlovy Vary Regional Museum

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

View of the Karlovy Vary Local History Museum Palickap

As in any other city, Karlovy Vary has a traditional museum with archaeological sites, antiques and archival photographs. If you want to learn more about the life, traditions and culture of the resort, your trip should include a visit to this museum.

Official website: http://en.kvmuz.< /p>

13. St. Luke's Anglican Church

Karlsovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Red stone Anglican Church of St. Luke on the Castle Hill of Karlovy Vary Kürschner

Initially, the church was intended for the Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of the city. The date of construction of this one-nave brick church with a Gothic English tower is the 19th century. As well as many other attractions of Karlovy Vary, photos with names and descriptions of which you see in this review, this object has a very rich history. Currently, the Anglican temple is not active, but the Wax Museum works here.

Official website: https://www.karlovyvary.

Official website:

14. Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

View from the Great Tower of Peter the Great on the Church of St. Mary Magdalene Zipacna1

The Roman Catholic Church, included in the UNESCO list and a valuable monument of the country. The baroque building is located in the central part of the resort.

Official website: https://www.karlovyvar

14. Church of St. Peter and Pavel

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul in Karlovy Vary VitVit

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Russian aristocrats came to Karlovy Vary with pleasure. It was thanks to them that it was decided to build this architectural monument in the resort. The church has an incredibly impressive appearance: with unique bells and stained glass windows depicting the faces of saints. Emperor Nicholas II presented the temple with cassocks for priests, crosses and valuable icons. During the Second World War, the church stopped working and was practically destroyed. However, later it was restored, and now services are still held here.

Official website:

16. House Christmas

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

The Christmas House is open all year round in the Doubi Castle in Karlovy Vary Palickap

An entire building filled with colorful Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations and toys for every taste. The magical interiors of the house are decorated with balls, snowmen, candles and angels. In the courtyard, you can see a scene depicting the birth of the baby Jesus. If you come to Karlovy Vary on Christmas Eve, you should definitely visit this wonderful place with the whole family.

Official website: http://www.vanocnidum

17. Becherovka Liqueur Museum

Karlsbad Attractions: Top 30

Becherovka Liqueur Museum on site former pharmacy in Karlovy Vary Mister No

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

The original Becherovka variety, produced only for export VladiMens

Any vacationer at the resort knows about its traditional herbal liqueur called Becherovka. A drink with an original aroma and taste has been prepared according to a secret recipe since the beginning of the 19th century. In the museum complex, guests are invited to visit not only a shop and a bar, but also an exhibition hall with rare exhibits, one way or another related to the famous liquor. During the tour, you can watch a documentary about the drink.

Official website:

18. Cafe “Elephant”

Karlovy Vary attractions Var: Top 30

Visitors to the cafe “Elephant” opened in the 18th century in Karlovy Vary Kürschner

The most famous and oldest cafe in the resort, opened in the 18th century. Previously, there was a boarding house of the same name, the building of which was later demolished, leaving only the name. On the second level of the cafe there is a figure of an elephant in gilding. In addition to her, the institution was brought to fame by its legendary guests, such as Beethoven and Goethe. A scene from the film Seventeen Moments of Spring was filmed right there.

19. Moser Glass Museum

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Exhibits of the Moser Glass Museum Jenny O'Donnell

Museum complex with a collection of two thousand antique and modern crystal specimens. The excursion program includes viewing of expositions, a visit to the glass-blowing shop and watching a film about the history of the Moser factory.

Official website:

20. Imperial Hotel

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

Luxurious resort hotel “Imperial” surrounded by a green park Vladimír Žežula

Not all hotels in Karlovy Vary are as famous as the Imperial. The institution offers high quality treatment using innovative technologies and traditional achievements. Guests are offered diet food, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy, visits to natural springs of all types. The hotel building itself is also of interest – it reminds of a huge knight's castle surrounded by forest.

Official website:

< h2> Karlovy Vary attractions: what else to visit in Karlovy Vary?

We have briefly told you about the main attractions of Karlovy Vary. If you have free time, spend it visiting such significant places as:

21. Grandhotel Pupp

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

Facade of the famous hotel Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary Interfase

Calling the building just a hotel is impossible. This is an example of architectural art. At one time, its guests were Wagner, Bach, Goethe, Kafka, Tolstoy, Peter the Great and many other historical figures. The hotel is open to tourists – if you have the appropriate financial means, you can book any room.

Official website:

22. Outdoor pool of the Termal Hotel

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Outdoor pool with mineral water in Karlovy Vary Dmitry Mozzhukhin

The number of pools in the resort is large, why did this particular one attract our attention? For example, because it is located on the roof of the city's highest sanatorium, and water is supplied to the bowl from a geyser. Access to the pool is paid. You can get to the resort on foot or on a special escalator. The water in the pool is not mineral, however, it is still good for health.

Official website:

23. Loket Castle

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

Stone medieval castle Loket on the banks of the river Orgzhe Květuše Blahoutová Pokorná

Medieval castle, towering on top of a cliff and surrounded by river waters. Climbing up to the upper level of the fortress, you can see the Ohře valley and the whole panorama of Loket. If you are interested in rare values, the local museum will offer you a tour of archaeological finds, weapons and porcelain. Those who prefer thrills can go down to the torture chamber located in the dungeon of the castle – wax figures imitate the death penalty. Throughout Loket Square you will be met by mythical heroes and funny gnomes. Under the building there is a natural amphitheater, on the stage of which musical performances and theatrical performances are organized. Fans of beer should visit the local family brewery.

Official website: https://www.hradloket

24. Bečov nad Teplá Castle

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

View of the fortress and castle Becov nad Teplou Lucie Krotilova

Fortress of the 13th century, built on a rock near the Tepla River. The baroque building belonged to various families. But in 1945 it became the property of the state, and was opened for inspection by tourists. In the 17th-19th centuries, the last restoration work was carried out, thanks to which the architectural masterpiece got its current look.

Official website: https://www.zamek-becov.

25. Valeč Castle

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Landscape park of Valeč Castle Jan Polák

The construction of the 16th century, which also changed its owners more than once (the last owner was Count Larisch-Mennich). Valech is surrounded by an amazingly beautiful Italian-style garden. Another feature of this attraction is the church of the 18th century. Now the “owner” of the castle is the Czech state, so you can see it without any problems.

Official website: https://www.zamek-valec

26th Film Festival

Karlovy Vary attractions: Top 30

“Red carpet” at one of the film festivals in Karlovy Vary Mary Kar

Every year in the middle of summer, a film festival is held at the resort at the Termal Hotel. For the first time the event was organized in 1946 and introduced the guests to films from 7 countries. Traditionally, Russia also participates in the film festival. If you are going to come to Karlovy Vary in July, be sure to find out about the opportunity to become a participant in the film festival.

Official website:

< h3> 27. Dvorak Gardens

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Benches with vacationers on the alleys in a cozy and beautiful park – Dvorak Gardens Natalia Semenova

Cozy park area in the center of the resort. Main attractions: bicentennial plane trees, a statue with a thermometer, monuments to Bezruch and Dvorak, an artificial pond with a “mermaid”. In the park, you can organize picnics and even walk on the lawns.

28. Smetanovy Sady

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

Flower calendar in the Smetanovy Gardens against the backdrop of the Elizaveta Hospital cs:ŠJů < p>The name of the object was due to the Czech pianist and composer B. Smetana. At the entrance to the park there is a flower garden, the plants of which show the current date every day. The best place for leisurely walks and enjoying the views of nature. The territory is decorated with various sculptures, a health complex and a fountain. Entertainment events are regularly organized.

29. Svatoš Rocks

Karlsovy Vary attractions: Top- 30

National natural monument Svatošské rocks on the left bank of the Ohře River Mazbln

The rocks located in the Ohře valley are recognized as the national treasure of the republic. Many romantic traditions and legends are associated with them. The height of stone pyramids and broken columns reaches 50 meters. In their time, such creators as Freud, Goethe, the Grimm brothers loved to work here and look for inspiration. On the rocks you can make hiking and cycling. The length of the eco-trail is 13 kilometers, it can be overcome in 4-6 hours.

30. Rock “Deer Leap”

Sights of Karlovy Vary: Top 30

A statue of a chamois on a rock « Deer gallop» Zenit

In 1851, a sculpture in the form of a chamois was placed on top of a low rock. The figure is made of metal according to the design of A. Kiss. A hundred years later, the statue was destroyed by vandals. But in 1986 it was recreated in bronze, and the hill was again crowned with it. In addition to the sculpture, there is a beautiful observation platform at the top.

We hope that you will want to see the sights of Karlovy Vary that we have just told you about with your own eyes. Many of them can be viewed completely free of charge. Read also about the sights in Prague and get inspired for your further trip around the Czech Republic.

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