Attractions of Kemer: Top 20

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

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Not sure what to see in Kemer, but planning a trip to a hot resort? Then carefully study our recommendations. We will tell you which sights of Kemer are the most fascinating and unusual.

What to see in Kemer in the first place?

It would be endless to list all the best sights of Kemer. Therefore, we have included in this review only those excursions in Kemer that are most successful:

1. The ancient city of Phaselis

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

The preserved ruins of the amphitheater of the ancient city of Phaselis

An ancient city built back in the 7th century BC by colonists from Rhodes. Like many other historical sites in Turkey, now it lies in ruins, and provides an opportunity to experience the unique spirit of the Byzantine and Roman times. Tourists inspect the ancient remains of the crypt, temple and amphitheater. You can also see the agora and the pier from here. Due to the fact that Phaselis is close to beautiful bays, its guests can swim and sunbathe. The air of the ancient city was saturated with the aroma of pine needles, as the area is surrounded by pine groves.

2. Ancient City of the World

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Lycian Tombs in the World User:Simm

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

The ruins of the Greco-Roman theater in the ancient city of Myra User:Simm

The best option for a believer to visit in Kemer. The ruins of the Roman-Greek amphitheater with tombs carved high in the mountains are covered with legends. It is believed that the apostle Paul stopped in the harbor not far from here before traveling to Rome. In addition, St. Nicholas.

3. The ancient city of Olympos

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

The banks of the Olympus River overlooking the ancient ruins of the city of Olympos

The ruins of the ancient city still perfectly convey the atmosphere of Byzantine times. The date of construction is the 2nd century BC. Initially, the territory served as a home for pirates, but later the troops of Rome captured it and made it part of their Empire. An ancient temple, a bridge and an amphitheater have survived to our time. Such interesting places of Kemer are especially recommended for visiting ruins researchers, because. reconstruction of Olympos by the Turkish authorities is not yet planned.

4. Ataturk Boulevard

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

The monument to Mustafa Kemal adorns the central part of Ataturk Boulevard in Kemer FlankerFF

The street was named after the former head of the country, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The boulevard is divided into three zones. The first zone is “covered” with souvenir shops, department stores and bazaars. The bus station is located in the second zone. In the third zone there are five-star hotels in Kemer. If your trip is planned for the near future, and you do not know where to stay on vacation, choose the Ataturk area.

5. Clock Tower

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

The clock tower in the evening in Kemer on Kemal Ataturk Square

A snow-white stone structure, which is included in any rating of “the main sights of Kemer”. The tower with a high spire is located on Ataturk Boulevard, but you can see it not only here. But also on numerous souvenirs of the city. Nearby are singing fountains and a traditional market with vegetables, fruits and spices. Every tourist should visit this place.

See the beautiful places of Kemer in this wonderful video!

6. Moonlight Park

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Gateway to Moonlight Park in Kemer

Where to go in Kemer with the whole family? To this wonderful park, where you can watch a movie at a local outdoor cinema, buy souvenirs, eat in a cafe and smoke a hookah, visit a dolphinarium and sunbathe. In addition, on the territory there are water slides for children of different ages, as well as rental shops, citrus orchards and a pine grove.

7. Kemer Dolphinarium

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Kemer Dolphinarium – excellent place of rest and entertainment

Shows with sea lions and dolphins are held twice a day in the Kemer Dolphinarium. After paying, guests can swim with the heroes of the performances and take pictures with them. The capacity of the dolphinarium is more than 800 people. In the main hall there is a huge transparent 5-meter pool. Before the start of the show, you can watch the “artists” through its walls. Dolphin therapy will be offered to children with mental disorders and everyone else.

Official website: http://www.antalyadolphinland

8. Kemer Central Beach

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

View of Kemer's Central Beach with moorings for yachts and boats Crymaker

What to see in Kemer in 1 day if you are not in the mood for excursions? Go to the central beach of the resort – a landscaped area with numerous amenities for tourists (umbrellas, sun loungers, cafes with terraces, etc.). But keep in mind that the line is divided into zones that are the property of Kemeri hotels. Free rest here is available only to hotel guests. Everyone else will have to pay for sunbeds.

9. Dolu Su Water Park

Sights of Kemer: Top 20

Water slides in the water park

Reviews of tourists about visiting the resort's water park are invariably enthusiastic. Numerous guides in Kemer also recommend to go here. Dolu Su water rides are shaped like the heroes of national fairy tales and legends in Turkey. There is a magical alley that tells the story of Cyclops, the princess, and Keloglan who saves her. Khoja Nasreddin greets guests at the entrance.

Official website:

10. Tekirova Ecopark

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

An inhabitant of the Tekirova Ecopark

An original complex divided into several thematic areas: a zoo with parrots and peacocks, alligators and huge turtles, lizards and snakes, and a botanical garden with unique herbs, shrubs and trees. In addition, a souvenir shop and a cafe are open in the ecopark.

Official website:

11. Dinopark< /h3>

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Prehistoric animals in Dinopark

Despite the fact that such attractions are designed for children, it will be interesting to visit them in Kemer for both teenagers and adults. On a vast area, you can see the impressive figures of reptiles that lived many millennia ago. Most dinosaurs move – waving their paws, opening their mouths. On the territory there is a cafe, a swimming pool and a zoo, trampolines are installed. Services offered include horseback riding. Younger children can participate in improvisational archaeological excavations and conquer obstacle courses.

12. Orange Grove

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Citrus trees with fruits

Not too vast territory, on which numerous citrus trees grow. The plain is located not far from the central part of the resort, so getting to it is not difficult. The harvest of oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits in Kemer, as well as throughout the country, is harvested more than once a year. Therefore, you always have a chance to catch an orange grove during flowering. Guests are invited to enjoy not only the incredible smells of citrus thickets, but also eat fruits directly from the trees.

13. Yoruk Ethnographic Park

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Open air ethnographic museum that recreates life of the ancient nomads-yoryuks

If you want to learn more about how the ancient Yoruk tribe lived, come to this ethnopark. You will see a whole village, whose inhabitants are dressed in the appropriate national clothes. You will be treated to traditional dishes and drinks of the tribe, talk about cattle breeding, crafts and the use of various household items of the Yoruk. It is possible to freely walk around the territory adjacent to the park.

14. Port of Kemer

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Stylized pirate ships docked in the port of Kemer

Not every port in the world is ready to host yachts. However, there are sometimes about a hundred of them on the pier of the resort port. Everyone is invited to rent a boat, sail to the sea to the nearest islands, go fishing in the waters of the Mediterranean, and get training in sailing. There are numerous cafes and restaurants on the local embankment, the staff of which will be happy to cook a freshly caught catch.

15. Fiery mountain Yanartash

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Tongues of flame on top of Mount Yanartash near the city of Kemer

A real natural masterpiece, the name of which, translated from Turkish, sounds like “burning mountain”. Around the clock, Yanartash is covered with flames and smoke. According to ancient history, it was here that the Chimera was defeated by a Greek character named Bellerophon. The fire of the Chimera was imprisoned in grief. According to scientists, the flames of the mountain are explained more prosaically – these are gases accumulated over many years.

Kemer sights: what else to visit in Kemer?

We told you briefly about many of the main sights of Kemer. You should also find time to visit:

16. Goynuk Canyon

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Tourists on a rocky bottom among the tall rocks of the Goynuk canyon

Incredibly beautiful canyon of the river of the same name. Picnics are allowed on the square (there is a specially equipped area). Here you can also rent wetsuits and conquer the icy waters of Goynuk. In order to go the entire distance of the attraction, travelers need about two hours. At the end point of the path there is a beautiful crystal clear waterfall.

17. Olympos Teleferik Cableway

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Cabin of the Olympos Teleferik cable car in the mountains among the clouds in the sky

Opening date – 2007. In 15 minutes, the cable car takes visitors to the very top of Mount Tahtali at a height of 2,320 meters. The length of the cable car itself is more than 4,000 meters. For an hour, the funicular trailers can carry about 500 people. Each cabin accommodates 80 tourists. It is interesting that not the Turks, but the Swiss are engaged in the maintenance of the cable car and trailers.

Official website: https://www.olymposteleferik

18. Mount Tahtali< /h3>

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

View from the sea bay to the top of Mount Tahtali

If you want to enjoy the incredible panorama of the entire Kemer resort, go to the top of Mount Tahtali. It is proposed to climb by cable car. At the top you will find a small restaurant with live music and national treats, as well as a shop with various souvenirs. You can book a tour that starts the journey to the top in the early morning hours. You will meet the sunrise and see how exotic nature wakes up. Fans of extreme sports will be offered a paragliding flight (for a separate price).

19. Pirates' Cave

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Pirate Cave – Kemer Attraction Tanya Dedyukhina

Not the largest, however, a very interesting cave-grotto of the Mediterranean. Local legends say that pirate ships used to hide here. They waited for the arrival of merchant ships and plundered them. The stolen valuables were hidden in the grotto in order to later take them to land. Perhaps you'll be lucky and find the pirates' forgotten treasure.

20. Gelidoniya Cape and Lighthouse

Kemer Attractions: Top 20

Lighthouse on Cape Gelidon in the Mediterranean

An old path, laid by the ancient Lycians, leads to the very top of the cape. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist routes, you will not find a better solution. This attraction is incredibly popular with travelers with tents. In the far part of Gelidonium, a colorful lighthouse was built back in the 20th century. It also has a rich history, which should be known in advance. In the lower part of the cape there is a bay with the cleanest sea and fine white sand. Even at the height of the season there are neither numerous natives nor crowds of tourists. According to legend, once a sea monster lived in the bay, drowning passing ships. Like it or not, there are indeed many old sunken ships at the bottom of the waters. At one time, modern archaeologists managed to find here not only these ships, but also their valuable cargoes – they lay intact for over several millennia.

We will be glad if those sights of Kemer, photos with names and descriptions of which you now seen, you visit on vacation in person.

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